Airgo Comfort Plus Walking Sticks!

Airgo Walking Sticks! Why shouldn’t a walking stick look good? We’ve just got a whole range in, so drop into our Malaga showroom to check them out.

Airgo’s range is always innovative and good looking. (See the Airgo 2 in 1 wheelchair/walker, for example.) Airgo bring the same attitude to their range of walking sticks – they are sturdy, adjustable, have great ergonomic grip, and look great in a range of colours!

The Airgo Web site says: “Ordinary canes only offer support, but the Airgo® Comfort-plus Derby cane offers you the ultimate in comfort and safety. Only Airgo walking sticks combine an ergonomically designed Soft-top cushioned handle with a Flex-grip tip, while offering 20% more height adjustability to fit you, whatever your height.”


  • Soft-Top Handle – Shaped to fit more comfortably in your hand. Help to reduce impact shock transfer.
  • Flex-Grip Tip – Provides superior grip and better surface contact throughout the walking motion.

Don’t settle for just any old walking stick. Get a walking cane that expresses your individuality. Get an Airgo Walking Stick!

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  1. stevhnie Nel

    Hi . Can you please provide me with a quote for 6x Airgo Comfort Plus Walking Sticks.
    I am sure we have an account with you: Indian Ocean Territories Health Service – Christmas Island.


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