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Orthoses and Mobility Aids

AC Mobility stock a wide range of orthoses — designed and fitted to the body to protect and support an injury, assist rehabilitation and increase mobility.

Days Adjustable Height Trolley Walker


• Can be used with or without the trays or it can be used as a table.

• Supplied with a cream painted steel frame.

• Clip on trays can easily be removed for cleaning.

• Adjustable height easily accessible loop lockable brakes.

• As the trolley has brakes, this Trolley can also be a walking aid.

$15 weekly hire

DynaSeal Cast Protectors Adult


• Waterproof protectors for casts or bandages.

• Adult size.

Knee support


• Open patella design relieves pressure.

• Exclusive reinforced patella stabiliser to prevent displacement.

• Helpful for post-operative knee problems, strains & arthritis.

• Fits either left or right knee.

Wrist Support With D-Rings


• Adjustable thumb strap through C-space.

• Includes strong metal splint & circumferential wrist strap.

• Features D-ring velcro closures.

• For left or right.

Sacro lumbar support large


• 4 flexible steel stays; 4 aluminium stay.

• Made of light breathable, elastic multiband material.

• Comfortable lumbosacral support.

• Convenient hook & loop closure.

Hip Saver Open Bottom Vet High Comp Pack


• 6 pants with 2 sets of hip protecting pads.

• Hip protection that can be worn close to the body with confidence.

• Latex-free and contains no skin irritants.

• Ultra soft breathable polycotton-spandex allows for a smooth, comfortable fit.

Safe Hip Airex Unisex Pants with sewn in shields


• Safehip® provides the wearer with peace of mind because it provides substantial protection against hip fracture during a fall or impact onto the hip

• Optimal comformity to the body-invisible under clothing

• Cool to wear due to the slim line AirX textile spacer fabric shields

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