Manual Standing Wheelchair


  • Smooth standing and positioning movement
  • Transport friendly and lightweight
  • Adjustable for leg length, foot position and back height
  • Seat width from 35 – 48 cm, depth up to 54 cm

The LEVO LAE manual standing wheelchair guarantees you maximum mobility and response with its advanced action radius. With the opportunity to sit, stand or position yourself at any angle inbetween, you’re ready. Ready to elevate at work, sit for dinner or join your friends at the bar.

With the LEVO LAE you choose the extent – and level – of participation.

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LEVO LAE Features

Wheelchair characteristics

  • Agile, active. Quick response
  • Excellent driving characteristics indoor and outdoor
  • Convenient quick release rear wheels, front castors and a folding backrest make for easy vehicle transport
  • Simple and fast adjustment for individual preferences
  • Accessories to build your personalized chair

Seating and Standing design

  • Complete standing position up to 85°
  • Sit, Stand – and anywhere in between
  • Six ground stability points ensure solid and secure standing position
  • Gas springs move you to controlled positioning through easy one hand operation
  • Optimal and matched body mechanics in all seating and standing positions
  • Numerous medical benefits because of more frequent standing

LEVO LAE Specifications


Seat width (SW) 35/38/40/42/45/48
Total width (W) 57/60/62/64/67/70
Total length (L) 84–90 93–104
Total height (incl. backrest) (H) 80
Backrest upholstery height min. 31
Seat upholstery height front 48/51/54/57
Seat upholstery depth 29–42 43–57
Footrest height and angle adjustable
Total weight (without removable parts) 18 (13)
Rear wheels 22”/24”/26”
Transport dimensions max. (TLxTWxTH) 98 x 64 x 50

All measurements in cm and kg.
Discrepancies in the measurements may arise due to wheelchair modifications.

LEVO LAE Brochure

LEVO LAE User Manual

LEVO Standing Wheelchairs – FAQs

All LEVO Products Brochure

LEVO LAE Accessories

  • Foam seat cushion
  • Anti-tip rollers
  • Tip aid
  • Backrest extension
  • Push handles
  • Push handle extension
  • Spinergy wheels
  • Camber
  • Spoke guard
  • V-Trak back
  • many more on request

LEVO LAE Colours

5 standard colors (blue, red, yellow, platinum, black) and 190 other colour options

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