Paediatric Equipment


We stock, service and repair a wide range of paediatric mobility equipment. We go out of our way to make sure your child gets the support and attention they need. AC Mobility stock R82, Rifton, Convaid, Levo and more.

Our Paediatric Range

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Pixi Stroller

Convaid Strollers

DoBuggy Stroller

R82 Stingray

R82 Cricket

Power & Manual Paediatric Wheelchairs

R82 Kudu Manual Wheelchair

Zippie IRIS

LEVO Kid & Junior Power Standing Manual

Paediatric Seating

R82 Wombat Living Activity Chair

Jenx Bee Seating System

Jenx Junior Seating System

Jenx Corner Seat

Rifton Activity Chair

Smirthwaite Heathfield Chair

Smirthwaite Brookfield Chair

R82 Scallop Seat

Smirthwaite Corner Chair

Smirthwaite Juni Chair

More R82 Seating

Paediatric Standing

Jenx Standz

Jenx Monkey

Jenx Multistander

Jenx Supine Stander

Jenx Prone Stander

Smirthwaite Supro Stander

R82 Rabbit

R82 Standing Range


Rifton Pacer

Rifton Dynamic Pacer

Rifton TRAM

Nimbo Walker

R82 Crocodile

R82 Mustang

Other R82 Products

Paediatric Transportation Products

Carrot Car Seat

R82 Transportation Products

Toilet and Bath

R82 Manatee

Rifton Wave

Rifton HTS Toileting

R82 Orca / Penguin

Heron Toileting System

R82 Flamingo Shower/Toilet Chair

R82 Flamingo High Low

R82 Swan Toilet & Bathing Chair

Combi Toileting Chair

Smirthwaite Bath Corner Chair

Desks, Beds & Accessories

Smirthwaite Personal Tilt Table

Smirthwaite Study Desk

Smirthwaite Connect Tables

Nino Bed

Medifab Safe Surround Bed

R82 Accessories

R82 Paediatric Wheelchairs, Seating and Mobility Solutions


R82 is known worldwide for producing fantastic technical aids and appliances for disabled children and young people, such as the X:Panda seating system.

R82’s paediatric mobility equipment products include seating, standing, walking and transportation equipment, toilet and bath equipment – and a whole range of seating accessories.

Rifton Mobility Products for Children


Rifton produce gait trainers, walkers, toileting systems, patient transfer devices and activity chairs. Pacer, TRAM and HTS are household names in assistive technology.

Convaid Strollers


AC Mobility stock the Convaid range of strollers—the EZ Rider, the Rodeo and the Cruiser!

They’re a great balance of price, comfort and support for kids or teens who need posture support.



Dobuggy Stroller


The DoBuggy Stroller for kids with special needs is portable and lightweight, has lots of accessory options. Great for travel or shopping, it has a maximum weight capacity of 50 kg.

Jenx Postural Support Products


Over the years Jenx has become one of the world’s most respected companies dedicated to developmental furniture for children. Every day Jenx apply their expertise in paediatric therapy and innovative design to finding better ways to help children with special postural support needs.

AC Mobility stock the Bee, Monkey, Junior, Corner Seat and Multistander.

Nino Series Bed

The Nino Series Bed lets children with special needs see their world, at the same time keeping them safe and protected. The transparent plastic panels allow unrestricted view of their surroundings, while still protecting them from falls.
Available in various colours, or with higher door elements, or doors on both sides.

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