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Convaid Trekker

Special Needs Stroller


  • Variable positioning of tilt and recline
  • 180 degree reversible seating
  • Lightweight, high strength aluminum
  • Easy fold-up for fast transportation

Getting where you need to go has never been easier for families with special needs children. The Convaid Trekker is an all-day wheelchair for early intervention through early teenage years. 180 degree reversible seating means the user can face forward or face their caregiver. The Trekker opens up a world of possibility and means you can explore further than before.

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Trekker Features

  • Separate Base & Seating Module
  • Reversible Seating
  • Variable Positioning
  • Adapts various brands of adaptive and after-market seating
  • Transit option

Trekker Specifications

Seat Width: 12″ and 14″
Depth: 6″-12″ and 9″-16″
Weight Capacity: up to 50 kgs
Colors: Panther Black, Cherry Red, Royal Blue, Princess Pink, Sassy Purple, Forest Green, Chocolate Brown, Aqua Blue, Apple Green, Tangerine Orange

Convaid Trekker Brochure

Convaid Trekker User Manual

Trekker Overview

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