R82 Rabbit Paediatric Mobile Stander

R82 Rabbit Paediatric Mobile Stander

R82 Rabbit Paediatric Mobile Stander

Children with special needs will love the R82 Rabbit.

The Rabbit is secure, reliable, and easy to adjust for the needs of the individual child. It gives kids the ability to explore.  The Rabbit encourages motor skill development and helps redevelop muscles and restore motion to joints.

Being in a standing position means being an active participant, with maximum mobility.

With the footplate closer to the floor, placement and positioning of the child is that much easier. The child is at the same level as their play mates!

The Rabbit comes in four sizes and is suitable for children 1 to 18 years.


Find the correct size for your child.

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  1. Hayley

    To Whom This May Concern,

    I am trying to find out the cost of the R82 Rabbit?


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