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Access and Wheelchair Ramps

Tyrex access and wheelchair ramps

Made from recycled car tyres, the Tyrex rubber wedge wheelchair ramps are a simple, long lasting, practical solution to many wheelchair access problems both inside and outside. They are extremely durable and hard wearing. We’ve got lots of sizes and types of ramps available. Do you have problems getting a wheelchair, scooter, walker or pedestrian in and about your home? (Or even your business?) Our wheelchair ramps mean it’s easily and quickly solved!

By combining several threshold ramps with infill panels, you can solve common entrance problems of

  • a simple step
  • a step comprising of a brick riser + door sill
  • a step comprising of a brick riser + sliding door track

How good are they?

They’re great!

  • They are very versatile. You can use them for a wide range of access purposes such as: pedestrian traffic, as wheelchair ramps, for scooters and even commodes
  • They are extremely hard wearing
  • Can be used indoors in wet or dry areas
  • Can be used outdoors in the weather
  • Can be trimmed to size
  • Due to their flexibility, they will conform to uneven ground surfaces
  • Can be left loose or fixed in place
  • They have an anti-slip surface so are suitable to walk upon


tyrex-wing wheelchair ramps If you can’t approach the door straight on but have to come from the side, then you may need some “wings”. Wings are tri-angular sections that will fit alongside the main ramp that will allow you to come from the side and climb up onto the main ramp. They are often used for ramps coming out into corridors, or on narrow verandahs leading up to a front door. Wings come in a wide variety of sizes to match the entire Tyrex wheelchair ramp range. They can be used on either the left or right side of the main ramp.

Wing Combinations

Ramp + wing left and right for entrance from both sides – used in corridors and on verandahs in confined spaces


Ramp + wing for entrance from right side – used in corridors and on verandahs in confined spaces


Ramp + wing for entrance from left side – used in corridors and on verandahs in confined spaces

Front door solution using Tyrex ramps

Front door tyrex ramp solutions

Sliding door solution using Tyrex ramps

sliding door tyrex ramp solutions

how to measure tyrex ramps

Our range

There is a wide range of wheelchair ramp heights available, starting from 15mm and going up to 150mm high in 5mm increments.


Price List*

*please note prices are subject to change without notice

Tyrex Shower Water Retention Ramps

Tyrex Shower Water Retention Ramps are perfect to replace shower recess hobs, providing easy access for wheelchairs – or if you just find step-over structures inconvenient.


  • Coloured white or grey
  • Anti-trip safety ramps on both sides
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Easily cut to fit shower recesses and many other areas requiring a barrier to water egress
  • Can be flexed and adhered to seal slightly uneven surface

LoaderRamp vehicle access wheelchair ramps

AC Mobility distributes the LoaderRamp aluminium folding channel access and wheelchair ramps for loading wheelchairs and 4 wheel scooters into station wagons and vans. Being multi fold, these portable ramps fold up and are short enough to fit across most vehicles. Weighing only 7.5 kgs per section, they will take wheelchairs and four wheel scooters weighing up to 150kgs. Available in 9 sizes.

The LoaderRamp portable ramps have:

  • heel and toe plates to hold the ramps in place while loading the vehicle
  • a non-slip surface to prevent the wheelchair or scooter from sliding on the ramp
  • safety sides to help prevent going off the edge
  • an edge lip to make the ramps easier to carry
  • Please note – for safety reasons, these ramps are NOT to be used with the occupant in the wheelchair or scooter!
  • PORTABLE – Allowing for easy storage or transport in any vehicle or home environment.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – LoaderRamps are very strong, yet light enough to be portable.
  • COMPACT – Enables LoaderRamps to fold with a concertina action, allowing for a much smaller width when folded.
  • SAFE – LoaderRamps provide a non-slip surface, for all weather conditions.
  • STRONG – For security and peace of mind.
  • SIMPLE-TO-USE – Allowing the ramp to be deployed in seconds, and immediately ready for use!
Model/Length (cm) Max Height Capacity Ramp Width Ramp Height
EBL 090 22.5cm 75cm 6kg
EBL 120 30cm 82cm 9.7kg
EBL 135 33.75cm 82cm 11.1kg
EBL 150 37.5cm 82cm 11.8kg
EBL 165 41.2cm 82cm 13kg
EBL 200 50cm 82cm 13.7kg
EBL 250 62.5cm 82cm 23kg
EBL 300 75cm 82cm 27.3kg
EBL 350 87.5cm 82cm 31.5kg

Unfold the LoaderRamp

Easy to unfold

Load and Unload

Takes a maximum weight of 150kgs

Fold Up Again

Easy to fold up

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