2017 Rifton TRAM

2017 Rifton TRAM

The 2017 TRAM is a transfer and mobility device designed to deliver three powerful functions in one compact unit: gait training, sit-to-stand transfers and seated transfers.

At just over 32 kg, the TRAM’s compact, ultralight frame is maneuverable in small or confined areas, as well as simple to transport or store. Quickly adoptable by multiple caregivers, the TRAM’s intelligent engineering significantly reduces back strain and stress – providing a smarter and safer environment for workers.

Gait Training with the Rifton TRAM

With a comfortable walking saddle, the TRAM gives the user safe, supported ambulation without the need for greater floor space or more staff. The TRAM’s combined sit-to-stand and supported walking functions make it essential for the home or institution.

Sit-to-Stand Transfers with the Rifton TRAM

Using the TRAM means transitioning from sitting to standing is both safe and simple.The TRAM’s walking saddle means it’s easy to assist a patient with movement – regardless of either the carer’s or the patient’s size.

Seated Transfers with the Rifton TRAM

The TRAM’s low-profile telescoping lift column means patients feel secure in unobstructed eye contact with their caregivers and surroundings.ient’s size.

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