AAT & Smart Drive Wheelchair Power Assist Devices

AAT & Smart Drive Wheelchair Power Assist Devices

Not everyone fits perfectly in the category of power chair user or manual chair user. Now there is a middle ground between a manual and a power wheelchair—AAT & Smart Drive wheelchair power assist devices.

Maybe you are manual wheelchair user who lacks some upper body strength. Maybe you live in a hilly area. Maybe you want to minimise the strain on your shoulder joints due to long term self propelling. Maybe you care for a wheelchair user and find it challenging to constantly propel someone else.

If so, power assist devices are a great solution—a battery-powered unit that attaches to an existing manual wheelchair, with no modifications required. No matter the specific need, AC Mobility have a power assist wheelchair device that will fit.

You can’t put anyone in a pre-defined box. Needs vary, and we’ll help you find a power assist device that meets your needs. If you need any advice or just want to chat about our range of power assist wheelchair devices, call us on (08) 9209 1777 or email Julia at julias@acmobility.com.au.

Smart Drive Wheelchair Power Assist

The Smart Drive wheelchair unit simply attaches to chair axle; adapts amount of power assist to how hard you push, portable

AAT Servo Wheelchair Power Assist

Battery range of 55km, simply remove your wheelchair wheels and attach the Servo power wheels

Merits Power Pack Wheelchair Power Assist

Easily to attach, forward & reverse direction switch & speed control, lightweight, twin wheel design for greater traction

AAT V-MAX Wheelchair Power Assist

Pushing and braking aid, fits on almost any manual chair with a seat width of more than 36cm

AAT SOLO Wheelchair Power Assist

Pushing and braking aid, joystick controlled by user or attendant, battery range of up to 35 km, battery pack weight only 4.2 kg

AAT Power Assist Device Training for Occupational Therapists

For interested OTs, AC Mobility are holding training for the AAT range of power assist devices (Solo, Servo and V-Max)
Time: Friday 29th January 11am – 2pm
Location: AC Mobility, 2/5 Boulder Rd, Malaga
Please note lunch will not be provided
Please register your interest by contacting Lorienne via email at lorrienneh@acmobility.com.au


  1. Kelly Henke Kaiser

    Do you sell a Power Assist Device for a wheel chair that will push 600-700 pounds?

    • matthewp

      Sorry Kelly, we aren’t able to sell to the United States! All the best with your search 🙂


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