Active Hands – Keep Your Grip

Active Hands – Keep Your Grip

Active Hands gripping aids allow you to take part in activities you never thought possible!

Active Hands grip aids are designed to enable you to firmly hold items, such as a hammer or trowel, helping you get a grip on activities like DIY and gardening, or playing on computer consoles.

For sport, gripping aids allow you to work out at the gym, play snooker or even help you ski.

In addition, our children’s sizes are ideal for helping kids to grip the handlebars on a tricycle.


The Active Hands Range

General Purpose Gripping Aid

Essential for a wide range of tasks: at home, in the gym or out and about. Available in Mini Size – perfect for under fives with poor grip due to CP, muscular dystrophy or spina bifida.

Hook Aid 

Ideal for the gym, featuring strong loops which can be slipped over the handles of some exercise machines.

D-Ring Aid 

Ideal for use in the gym, they allow attachment directly to the caribiner on gym equipment such as cable and pulley machines.

Limb Difference Aid 

Designed for those with a limb difference affecting their hands or fingers, whether it be a congenital or acquired difference. This gripping aid is perfect for those who have some or all of their fingers/parts of their hand missing.

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