Airgo Comfort Plus Walking Sticks!

Airgo Comfort Plus Walking Sticks!
Airgo Walking Sticks! Why shouldn’t a walking stick look good? We’ve just got a whole range in, so drop into our Malaga showroom to check them out.

Airgo’s range is always innovative and good looking. (See the Airgo 2 in 1 wheelchair/walker, for example.) Airgo bring the same attitude to their range of walking sticks – they are sturdy, adjustable, have great ergonomic grip, and look great in a range of colours!

The Airgo Web site says: “Ordinary canes only offer support, but the Airgo® Comfort-plus Derby cane offers you the ultimate in comfort and safety. Only Airgo walking sticks combine an ergonomically designed Soft-top cushioned handle with a Flex-grip tip, while offering 20% more height adjustability to fit you, whatever your height.”


  • Soft-Top Handle – Shaped to fit more comfortably in your hand. Help to reduce impact shock transfer.
  • Flex-Grip Tip – Provides superior grip and better surface contact throughout the walking motion.

Don’t settle for just any old walking stick. Get a walking cane that expresses your individuality. Get an Airgo Walking Stick!


  1. stevhnie Nel

    Hi . Can you please provide me with a quote for 6x Airgo Comfort Plus Walking Sticks.
    I am sure we have an account with you: Indian Ocean Territories Health Service – Christmas Island.

  2. John Barron

    I have an Airgo Comfort Plus Walking Stick that I am extremly happy with and would like to know the price of 1 with postage to Burpengary 4505 QLD. My wife has used mine and would like one for herself.
    Many Thanks,
    John Barron

    • matthewp

      Hi John, Hi Murray, thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, we are only dealers for the Airgo Comfort Plus Walking Stick, not the manufacturer. This means the manufacturer has only licensed us to sell the Airgo Comfort Plus Walking Stick here on the west coast. For us to sell it on the east coast would violate our contract with them – sorry for the inconvenience! Best wishes in your search for a local supplier.


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