Amy and Rebecca Evans and Their Traxx (es)

Amy and Rebecca Evans and Their Traxx (es)

Amy and Rebecca, as you can see, love life. We chatted to their mum, Catherine about the girls and how their Traxx wheelchairs have helped them keep that love of life alive!

Hi Catherine, you’re the proud mum of two girls – can you tell us a bit about them? 

Amy and Rebecca are 17 years old. They are in Year 12 at La Salle College where they are preparing for their WACE exams. Rebecca plans to go to uni next year to study Psychology. Her long term plan is to become a Clinical Paediatric Psychologist. Amy is planning to study Residential Design and Drafting. She wants to eventually have her own residential design company with a focus on appropriate access for people with access issues. Rebecca enjoys craft activities, in particular Rainbow Looming. She makes many fantastic creations! Amy loves horses, horse racing and going to the races. She is a part owner of a horse that will hopefully be racing in the next year or so.

Why do they need power wheelchairs? 

Amy and Rebecca have a neuromuscular condition called Nemaline Rod Muscular Myopathy. They are unable to walk independently and do not have the upper body strength for manual chairs.They require powered chairs to be independently mobile.

They have two Traxx wheelchairs from AC Mobility – what do they like to do in their chairs?

The girls chose the ‘Traxx’ Wheelchairs because they prefer rear wheel drive chairs. The ‘Traxx’ is also a good size for the girls. AC Mobility was able to give the girls custom coloured frames – Pink for Rebecca and Purple for Amy – which really pleased the girls. Amy and Rebecca especially love the electric tilt on their ‘Traxx’ – great for getting comfortable at the movies!

Why did you choose AC Mobility for these chairs? How did you find your experience with AC Mobility?

We originally went to AC Mobility to get the girls their first ‘Little Ripper’ chairs when they were in PrePrimary. Rocky Bay referred us to them. Since then, we have chosen to continue using AC Mobility as the level of personal attention is excellent. AC Mobility is able to build and modify Amy and Rebecca’s chairs to accommodate their individual preferences and needs. Everyone at AC Mobility is always so helpful. The staff seem to have an awareness of how vital the chairs are in the girls lives and how important it is to get the chairs just right and keep them going! Without their chairs, Amy and Rebecca would be unable to independently and comfortably move – their chairs are their legs.

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