Atigra 2 and Traxx 3 – All-New, Redesigned!

Atigra 2 and Traxx 3 – All-New, Redesigned!

We’re happy to announce the release of two new power wheelchairs – the Traxx 3 and Atigra 2!

Designed and built in collaboration with our longtime partners Karma, we’ve completely redesigned them – to create AC’s most advanced, stylish and adaptable chairs ever. Choose the spirited rear-wheel Traxx 3 with a choice of 300 or 450W motors, or the manoeuverable mid-wheel Atigra 2.

Developed over the course of two years, Traxx 3 and Atigra 2 feature a number of improvements. Check them out:


Atigra-3-Traxx-3-KISSCustom seating out of the box

KISS seating may be the only seating system you’ll ever need. No need to get a custom seating system put on the Traxx or Atigra—KISS is so adjustable it covers almost every situation and every need.


Atigra-3-Traxx-3-floor-to-seatGet down low and go

Atigra 2 & Traxx 3 have a minimum floor to seat height* of as low as 430 mm. This puts you at eye level with seated friends and colleagues, makes it easy to get under tables, and makes transfers that much easier.
* to the top of the seat pan, with 5 degree anterior tilt


Atigra-2-Traxx-3-customisedDesigned to be customised

We specifically made the Traxx and Atigra modular so it’s easy to swap out panels and components. Customisation and repair has never been easier and cheaper—and it comes in a range of colours.



Check out the brand-new Traxx 3 and Atigra 2!

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