Convaid Cruiser – a great stroller for special needs kids

Convaid Cruiser – a great stroller for special needs kids
Having a child with special needs is challenge enough, especially when they are really young. When faced with the range of special needs strollers, it’s hard to know which one to go for.
It’s particularly important because special needs strollers are an investment. You’d prefer it if they didn’t grow out of it in a year! Added to this, if your child has postural issues, positioning is an important factor – it’s not easy to find a stoller that ticks all the boxes.
We thought we’d discuss why a lot of parents go for the Convaid Cruiser for their child with special needs.
Convaid make a range of special needs strollers, and they’re a balance of price, comfort and support for kids or teens who need posture support. A really popular model we supply is the Convaid Cruiser.

Some reasons why the Convaid Cruiser is popular

  • It’s got bit of “seat dump” – what we call fixed tilt. The seat has a built-in tilt of 30 degrees, so if your child had postural issues it will stop them sliding out of the chair so easily. The EZ Rider has only a 10 degree tilt. The Rodeo has up to a 45-degree tilt, but doesn’t have the Cruiser’s self-tensioning seating system.
  • The Convaid range is a bit cheaper than some of the other special needs stroller brands.
  • The Convaid Cruiser has higher weight limits than many special needs strollers.
Not only that, there’s other reasons.
  • Each Convaid Cruiser is custom-built to your specifications to match your child’s needs
  • It comes in Padded Cordura or Textilene Upholstery
  • Don’t worry about your child growing out of it – the Cruiser has 5 years of growth capabilities with adjustable seat depth
  • It has comprehensive positioning options
  • it’s lightweight & compact folding – the Convaid Cruiser folds like an umbrella stroller
So give us a call if you are interested in learning more. We have Cruisers here for you to try out as part of our demo stock, to see if it works for your child. Check the Convaid Cruiser out here.
Give us a call on (08) 9209 1777 or email us at

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