Open For Business: AC Are An Essential Service During COVID-19 Pandemic

Open For Business: AC Are An Essential Service During COVID-19 Pandemic

AC Mobility – Right here with you

At the moment, there is lots of uncertainty and worry within our community. AC Mobility want our valued customers to know that we are an Essential Service Provider and will be right here when you need us. All of your equipment needs and queries will be met with warmth and compassion during this trying time.

Keeping you safe

AC Mobility are following all recommendations made by the Australian Government to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 and the spread to vulnerable people. We are keeping up-todate with changes and new advice provided by the Chief Medical Officer to ensure we do our bit to minimize the spread of the virus.

AC Mobility will continue to conduct face-to-face equipment trials, deliveries and advice as we understand that a lot of our valued customers have ongoing equipment needs that cannot be put on hold during a pandemic. We understand that the majority of our customers fall into the “high risk” category and we will ensure the risk is managed and do our best to keep you safe.

Our Promise to you

AC Mobility promise the following to all of our valued customers to reduce the risk and spread of Corona Virus:

  • Vigilant Hand Hygiene before, during and after all face-to-face contact and contact with equipment.
  • The use of single use personal protective equipment including gloves, aprons and masks which will be changed between appointments.
  • ALL equipment will be cleaned with a high-powered steam cleaner.
  • Vehicles used for transporting equipment will be sprayed and cleaned with antibacterial products after equipment has been transported.
  • Occupational Therapists will be minimizing physical contact with clients for positioning and transfers to reduce person-to-person contact.
  • Where possible and appropriate, equipment deliveries will be conducted outside of client properties to reduce surface or person contact within homes.
  • All staff have completed the Department of Health Covid-19 Infection Control training.

Assurance for equipment delays and purchases on hold

AC Mobility recognizes that funds for equipment may now be difficult to access or there may be long waits for equipment coming from overseas. We can support you by providing rental equipment to manage the wait and we have qualified technicians to provide services, repairs and maintenance to your current equipment.

Our Service Department is still operational however they are not entering homes or private residences at his time. This is to reduce the person to person contact and minimize the risk of our technicians becoming unwell or spreading the virus.

Instead, AC Mobility will organize with customers for equipment to be dropped off to our department and, in some circumstances, we can arrange for equipment to be picked up. All items will be thoroughly cleaned prior to any repairs or services.

Not keen on face-to-face contact? No problem!
AC Mobility are more than happy to advise customers and therapists about equipment queries and support over the telephone or via Skype Video Calls. We also have access to our equipment providers’ training videos which we can send on request.

Prefer to come in and speak to someone? No problem!
Our showrooms are still open to the public and a warm welcome will await you. We will ask you Government advised questions about recent travel and flu-like symptoms and gloves and hand sanitizer will be provided before entering the premises.

AC Mobility pride ourselves on our compassion and professional approach to ensure vulnerable people are empowered to maximize their quality of life and will continue to strive towards this during this difficult time. We are all in this together.

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