AC’s Electric Wheelchair Range – Prescription Chairs

AC’s Electric Wheelchair Range – Prescription Chairs

What electric wheelchair range does AC Mobility have? We’re glad you asked. The short answer is: lots. The longer answer you can find below.

Firstly, it’s a good idea to know what sort of electric wheelchair you need – prescription or non-prescription electric wheelchair. This post will deal with our prescription range, next week’s will tackle our non-prescription range.


Prescription Electric Wheelchair Range

Atigra 1.1

Atigra 2

Traxx 3

The AC Mobility range of electric wheelchairs


Atigra 1.1

Developed with Karma in Taiwan, the Atigra 1.1 electric wheelchair was the winner of first prize of “2008 Better Technology Awards” in Australia. The fully-customisable Atigra 1.1 comes with the easy to adjust T2 seating system as standard, and a 6-wheel, mid-wheel drive configuration that gives you true independent suspension. Power seat tilt, backrest recline and seat elevation are optional.

Atigra 2

A redesign of the original Atigra, the Atigra 2 features the same great mid-wheel drive configuration but with a facelift. With its modular construction, it’s easier to customise and repair.

Traxx 2

The Traxx 2 rear-wheel drive electric wheelchair is adjustable, stable and available in a range of vibrant colours. The Traxx 2 has been designed by Australians for Australians!

Traxx 3

The Traxx 3 rear-wheel drive electric wheelchair is perfect for outdoors. With a choice of 300 or 450W motors, the modular KISS seating system, a minimum seat height of as low as 430mm*, and modular design mean you can have the perfect chair for you.

*to the top of the seat pan with 5 degrees anterior tilt

Levo C3


LEVO standing electric wheelchairs


LEVO are the experts in standing electric wheelchairs. As first to the market with this kind of product, LEVO’s experience means they offer a complete range of stand-up wheelchairs. You’ll be able to find a LEVO electric wheelchair which meets your needs and wants with respect to size, type of disability or location.


The LEVO C3 is the curb-climbing, full-traction standing electric wheelchair that automatically adapts to the tights turns within your house or the outdoor conditions of your daily routine.

The LEVO Combi

The LEVO Combi series allow you to stand on your own, lie flat, tilt in space, sit, lift, recline and relax. The LEVO Combi electric wheelchair is specifically designed for people with paraplegia/quadriplegia, advanced multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy and polio.

Jive R²


The Quickie range of electric wheelchairs

A Quickie electric wheelchair is a perfect fit for your lifestyle and an expression of your personality. Quickie electric wheelchairs are highly adjustable to suit you, your needs and your active life. Here’s a quick run-down on their many models! Jive R² – High-end performance with outstanding adaptability S-636 – Innovative performance and versatile seating and positioning options P-222 – Rule your world with speed and style Xplore – For active users spending time outdoors Xperience – For active users sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities Xcel – Stability, control and freedom for bariatric clients Pulse 6 – Simple and reliable Tango – An efficient, affordable power wheelchair – with a little bit extra Pulse 5 – Simple and reliable Salsa R² – Compact and powerful Pulse 4 – Compact, simple indoor power wheelchair with a small, maneuverable base that`s easy and fun to drive

See you next week to see our non-prescription electric wheelchair! In the meantime, check out more of our electric wheelchair range.

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