EVO Altus Standing Power Chair – Sit, Stand or Recline!

EVO Altus Standing Power Chair – Sit, Stand or Recline!

Developed by our partners Karma Europe, the EVO ALTUS is a powerful, adjustable and comfortable standing power chair.

The EVO ALTUS can achieve a full 180° recline position, making transfers easy and safe. Combined with the power leg and backrests, it’s comfort, adjustability and style incarnate. Standing, sitting or reclining—achieve the position and posture you need!

Stand, Sit, Recline

With the ability to go from full standing position to full recline, the Altus lets you choose the position you need, to do what you want.

400 mm Seat Elevation

The EVO Altus’ 400mm seat elevation means it’s easier to interact with others and reach the places you need to.

Tilt Up To 50°

Standard tilt in space 15° with optional up to 50°. Dynamic movement means you control pressure relief.

Power Backrest and Legrest

The EVO Altus’ ability for a full (180°) recline position means you can relax and makes transfers so much easier.

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