AC Roundup: Why the Freewheel is Awesome & New Juditta, Stingray, Clip Videos

AC Roundup: Why the Freewheel is Awesome & New Juditta, Stingray, Clip Videos

Our latest YouTube videos, and the Freewheel wheelchair attachment — some highlights from our latest newsletter you may have missed—to stay in the loop, sign up below!


Being the third wheel can be a good thing

Fitting on a fixed or folding frame, the FreeWheel means freedom!

The FreeWheel turns your chair a nimble 3-wheeler. Nothing will block your way – whether it’s a kerb, an off-road track, grass, gravel or sand.

No need to waste your energy popping wheelies!

Ormesa Juditta Video

On Our Youtube Channel

See our products moving in all their glory!

AC have a great YouTube channel, whether you’re a therapist or user of mobility equipment.

Check out our latest video on the Ormesa Juditta chair—perfect for those confined to bed.

R82 Stingray Video

See the Stingray in action!

The R82 Stingray is adjustable, comfortable and easy to steer. It’s what make this stroller special.

  • Tilt in space and back recline
  • 180° turnable seat
  • Foldable, safe transportation in vehicles

Ormesa Clip Video

The Ormesa Clip is a great pram/stroller that folds up!

It comes in four different sizes, suiting any child up to and including older kids.

Hire Brochure

We have a wide range of mobility and disability equipment, and we hire it out on a short- or long-term basis.

So, for example, if you’ve just had an operation and you’re looking for a wheelchair rental, give us a call.

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