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One Touch Can Opener


  • Effortless, one-touch action – no twisting, no pulling, no pain
  • Perfect for seniors or those with poor grip strength
  • Opens round can of all sizes* (U.S.A. CMI standard)
  • Runs on AA-sized alkaline or rechargeable batteries

Opening cans with a manual can opener is just too difficult if your grip isn’t what it used to be—and it can be dangerous navigating a metal can’s sharp edges. No longer! Just one touch of the innovative hands-free One Touch Automatic Can Opener is all that’s needed to make short work just about any can. Save your hands and your time with the One Touch Automatic Can Opener!

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One Touch Can Opener Features

  • Automatic, one-touch-of-a-button operation
  • No need to struggle with regular manual can openers
  • Opens round cans of all sizes* (U.S.A. CMI standard)
  • Once finished, switches off automatically
  • Modern design to suit any kitchen décor
  • Easy lift “lid-off” after can has been opened
  • Safety first – no sharp edges left behind on lid
  • Perfect for seniors or anyone with grip strength issues
  • Runs on AA-sized alkaline or rechargeable batteries

One Touch Can Opener Brochure

One Touch Can Opener Manual

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