Get a grip with Active Hands Gripping Aids!

Get a grip with Active Hands Gripping Aids!

Do you find you just don’t have the grip you need? Do you love gardening, but find it difficult to hold a trowel for long periods? Do you find you can lift the weight at the gym, but can’t hold on to it?

Never fear. Active Hands Gripping Aids are here to help.

Active Hands grip aids are specially designed to help you hold items firmly, such as that trowel or the dumbbell at the gym. That way you can get a grip on any activity like DIY or gardening.

How Active Hands Gripping Aids Work

Active Hands Gripping Aids work by tightening a strap in the upper section, which pulls the hand into a fist shape. This lets you hold items in your palm. The wrist strap is adjustable and the aid is padded to reduce chafing.

The Active Hands Gripping Aid Range

  • General Purpose Gripping Aid – great for almost anything, from holding a hammer or a beer to going kayaking.
  • General Purpose Gripping Aid – Mini Size – a smaller version of the General Purpose Gripping Aid for children, available in pink or blue.
  • Looped Exercise Aids – feature strong loops which can be slipped over the handles of some gym exercise machines, or even bicycle handles.
  • D-Ring Aid – ideal for use in the gym, allowing attachment directly to the karibiner on gym equipment.
  • Outdoor Gripping Aid – a modification of the General Purpose Gripping Aid for use with thick gloves in winter.
  • Heavy Use Gripping Wrap – helps, along with our Gripping Aids, for particularly demanding tasks where chafing becomes an issue.


  1. Nora

    How do I make an order through you?
    I want to order active hand grip aid

    • matthewp

      Hi Nora, thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, we are only dealers for the active hand grip aid, not the manufacturer. This means the manufacturer has only licensed us to sell the active hand grip aid here on the west coast. For us to sell it on the east coast would violate our contract with them – sorry for the inconvenience! Best wishes in your search for a local supplier.


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