Handimove Patient Lifters, Slings and Hoists now available at AC

Handimove Patient Lifters, Slings and Hoists now available at AC

AC is happy to announce we are the Western Australian distributor of the great Handimove range of lifters and hoists!

Belinda Masolatti from Equip4Living (Australia’s national Handimove distributor) recently visited to train AC staff and other interested therapists.

There’s a lot of great patient lifters out there—so what makes Handimove special? Aside from portable hoists, products such as the Body Support System, Freedom Bridge and ceiling track can allow the user to remain independent when transferring. This can reduce required carer hours, or even eliminate the need for a carer altogether.

Often, patients must extend their stay in hospital post-surgery because they are waiting for required care services to be available, care services which are already pushed to the limit. Handimove’s unique range of products give independence, which means users can go home without waiting for services to materialise.

For those of you that didn’t make it to our training sessions, we thought we’d give you a rundown on some of Handimove’s most popular products.

Handimove Freedom Bridge

  • A portable track that can be easy installed without the need for building modifications
  • Users can independently transfer (when used with Body Support System, ceiling motor and operated via remote)
  • Perfect for: those awaiting hospital discharge services; those without ready access to carers; those who cannot modify their home environment

Body Support System

  • Allows unrestricted access from the waist to the mid-thigh for easy toileting and bathing
  • Can be used with all of Handimove’s products
  • Perfect for: paraplegics with shoulder injury; those with pressure injuries; those recovering from rotational flap surgery

Handimove’s Range of Mobile Lifts

  • A more familiar solution to transfers with a great range of models
  • Can be used with the Body Support system
  • The mobile pool hoist is unique—no ceiling track needed, is waterproof and runs off rechargeable batteries!

Would like to know more, or book a demo or trial?

Call Theresa or Julia on (08) 9209 1777. At the moment, trials for the Freedom Bridge (with ceiling motor),  Body Support system, and the Mobile Hoist 1640 are available on appointment, in the home if desired.

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