Happy Customers – Jesse Donovan and his SmartDrive

Happy Customers – Jesse Donovan and his SmartDrive

Jesse Donovan freewheel and smartdrive

Jesse recently bought a Smartdrive and Freewheel from us.

We wanted to know how he went, since most of us have had a play with the Smartdrive but we’d like to know how it performs in real life. Jesse happily brought us up to speed! (Literally.)

Where do you live, and what’s great about living there?

I live in Bridgetown WA. It’s a beautiful, small country town nestled in a valley on a river in the South West.

It has great, friendly people and is very picturesque.

What kind of hobbies and activities are you into?

I love playing with remote controlled cars, video games, movies and going to the gym.

Why did you decide to go for a Freewheel and a Smartdrive?

Bridgetown, whilst being beautiful, is very hilly and that can make it difficult to navigate on my own – making it just that little bit harder to have true independence.

The Free Wheel and Smart Drive combination is allowing me to go places I could never have gone before on my own.

I can take my radio controlled car to the oval and play now without making my wife come with me!

The Smartdrive is not too bulky, it doesn’t take up much room. I barely notice it’s there – even when it’s turned off it doesn’t create much drag.

It’s an excellent unit with a lot more power than I expected, I am able to traverse very steep hills with its assistance.

What was your experience like with AC Mobility?

On the whole I had a pleasant experience with AC Mobility, I found the Customer service
very helpful – and my messages or phone calls were promptly returned!

If you’d like to know about a SmartDrive or FreeWheel, check out our Smart Drive wheelchair power assist page, give us a call on (08) 9209 1777 – or email us at sales@acmobility.com.au!

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