Happy Customers – Simone & Brooklyn Harding’s X:Panda

Happy Customers – Simone & Brooklyn Harding’s X:Panda

Simone & her daughter, Brooklyn Harding

X:PandaSimone from Collie, WA wanted an X:Panda for her gorgeous two year old daughter Brooklyn, so we were of course happy to help. We thought you might like to get to know them a little better. 

What things does Brooklyn love doing? What makes her eyes light up?
Brooklyn loves the outdoors, she loves having the sun on her face and wind in her hair, but her eyes light up most when she sees her big sister, Ebony, who’s 4.

What’s great about where you live?
The great thing about where we live is how much support and equipment we receive for Brooklyn—and also there’s so many things to see and do around Collie.

What made you choose the X:Panda?
We chose the X:Panda because it had the most support inserts, supports Brooklyn and meets her exact needs. It’s very versatile and it has so many different options—and best of all it will grow as Brooklyn grows.

How has it helped?
It has already helped so much. It’s so much easier to feed Brooklyn in; she is now at a height that she is able to see people so much better. Even when it was getting set up, she was looking at everyone around her and found it easier to make eye contact.

What was your experience like with AC Mobility?
Our experience with AC Mobility was amazing. Very efficient and very helpful!

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