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Hippocampe All-Terrain and Beach Wheelchair

Don’t be held back from going places. The Hippocampe means you can hit the beach—or go just about anywhere—and get involved.

The Hippocampe can be pushed or towed—or the user can self-propel. You can use low pressure balloon wheels at the beach if you want.

It’s easy to manoeuvre whether you’re on the beach or on a dirt road. The Hippocampe is designed by disabled people. It lets users of any age get outdoors and get involved—and it means carers can plan fun activities. Hippocampe is fun.

Practical and Lightweight

Practical and lightweight, the compact Hippocampe beach wheelchair, with fold-down seat back, removable push bar and detachable wheels, can be assembled in under a minute. Weighing just 14kg, it is easy to move and takes up little space.

Accessibility is easy

Accessibility is easier than ever, thanks to the low seat of the Hippocampe beach wheelchair. Its neutral buoyancy design allows it to be used in or out of the water – including the sea. And sand is no longer a barrier to enjoying beach sport: Hippocampe’s innovative double width wheels make travelling on sand simple while sleeving on the aluminium tube frame helps stop them getting hot in the sun. Perfect for an all terrain wheelchair!

Robust and Stable

Robust and extremely stable, this smart beach wheelchair packs down into a stylish carrying case in moments. Plus, it’s corrosion resistant frame is maintenance-free – just rinse with fresh water. Exactly what you need from an all terrain wheelchair!

hippocampe beach wheelchair arm rests

Arm Rests

Make your ride even more comfortable with these optional armrests. They also serve as fantastic mud flaps to protect you from all that an  all terrain wheelchair has to offer! Get in touch with AC about fitting them to your Hippocampe.




hippocampe neoprene harness

Neoprene Harness

This neoprene harness provides an additional safety feature for added peace of mind. It requires a secure fitting to the frame – one that AC can easily provide. Available in male and female versions.




hippocampe headrest

Head Rest

For that extra support, we offer a headrest in keeping with the design of the Hippocampe. A simple attachment to the back of the chair allows the user that added bit of comfort to feel at complete ease.




hippocampe ski

Ski Kit

Use your Hippocampe in all-seasons and extend that summer fun, with this awesome ski attachment. The freedom of the slopes has never been more accessible with this easy-to-fit ski. Just attach it to the front wheel and head for the hills!




 balloon tyres beach wheelchair

Balloon Tyres

Perfect for the beach, they’ll make sure it’s easy to sail across the sand. Their low-pressure design means they are stable even with heavy loads on uneven terrain.


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