The Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair – Hit the Beach

The Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair – Hit the Beach

Get outdoors and hit the beach with the Hippocampe beach wheelchair!

It’s summer, so don’t be held back. The Hippocampe means you can hit the beach—or go just about anywhere.

It’s easy to manoeuvre whether you’re on the beach or on a dirt road, meaning carers can plan fun activities.

Practical and Lightweight


Assemble in under a minute, packs down into a stylish carrying case in moments.

Weighing just 14kg, it is easy to move and takes up little space.

Accessibility is easy


The low seat of the Hippocampe beach wheelchair makes it accessible. Its neutral buoyancy design allows it to be used in or out of the water – including the sea.

Innovative double width wheels make travelling on sand simple.

Robust and Stable


The Hippocample is corrosion resistant and maintenance-free.

Just rinse with fresh water.

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