Jay Cushions, Backs, Positioning for Wheelchairs

Jay Cushions, Backs, Positioning for Wheelchairs

JAY cushions & products


JAY cushions and other products have an extensive range – cushions, wheelchair backs and body positioning supports.

Jay products are an excellent solution as are low maintenance, lightweight and can be customized. The Jay cushion range covers everything from very basic contoured foam to cushions with several layers – including a ROHO insert around the ischial tuberosity area.


Whether you are after the popular J2 series, the paediatric Zip or GS, or the lightweight Lite, you can see the range here.


JAY backs have contoured back shells, soft foam, and adjustable components for stability and comfort.

Head Positioning

Options for headrest shapes, sizes, mounting hardware, and cover materials – basic right up to complex needs.

Upper Body Positioning

To improve upper body posture, help hold the head upright, improve arm and hand function, and promote good breathing.

Pelvic & Lower Body Positioning

Pelvic positioning includes various support styles, sizes, closure styles, and adjustments. Lower body positioning includes foot, ankle, and even calf support.

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