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We’re proud to introduce the Bee seating system by Jenx. Styled specifically to appeal to very young children and their families, and developed in conjunction with therapists and carers, it’s a playful and gentle introduction to supported seating.

It’s hard to find a seating solution for kids who are disabled or have posture problems—standard chairs simply do not provide the support these children need. As children grow, their needs change. What’s needed is a seating system that’s supportive and adjustable.

The Bee seating system provides an outstanding level of versatility through a comprehensive range of fixed and height adjustable bases, along with a wide variety of head, trunk, leg and foot support options. This means each Bee can be precisely tailored to the exact needs of each individual child. Adjustable back angle and tilt in space options, alongside the ability to accommodate babies as small as 4 months right through to children of around 5 years, mean the Bee really does tick every box for maximum functionality, flexibility and style!



Young children typically spend their time playing on the floor, sitting in highchairs or working at low tables in their nursery or school environment. The Bee makes sure there is no barrier to a child participating, whatever the situation: the Bee range includes a choice of four different bases—from simple and affordable fixed-height options through to fully adjustable multi-height designs. No child misses out!



The Jenx Bee’s wide range of accessories and optional extras mean it can be highly customised for every child’s needs. Accessories include: headrest, shoulder protractor, thoracic support pads, lumbar support pads and extensions for children with long legs.

Bright & Friendly

Carefully designed to offer the best in early intervention support in a gentle, bright and friendly way, parents often comment on the huge difference the thoughtful design of the Jenx Bee has in helping them accept and use supported seating for their very young children.

  • Adjustable safety and postural pelvic strap
  • Adjustable seat length
  • Adjustable, flip-away thoracic supports
  • Height adjustment Y-base (pedal height lock): hydraulic frame/ seat height adjustment and pedal locking feature
  • Height adjustment X-base: Gas spring assisted and simple height adjustment
  • Tilt-in-Space feature allows you to adjust the position of the child in space whilst retaining their posture exactly as it was
  • Long leg seat conversion offers long leg sitting whilst Bee also offers excellent hip and thoracic control
  • Headrest (height, angle, MultigripTM)
  • Footplate-one piece (height, angle, flip-up): One piece supportive, adjustable footplate
  • Lockable castors

Age Range (Approx.) ¹⁄3 – 5 Years
Back Angle (Supine – Prone) 10 Degrees
Back Pad Height (Seat to Top) 270 – 360 mm
Depth with Long Leg Conversion 370 – 560 mm
Hip Width 130 – 250 mm
Lower Leg Length 110 – 350 mm
Seat Depth 91cm
Seat Height from Floor (X-base) 340 – 510 mm
Tilt-in-Space Angle (Supine – Prone) 25 Degrees
User Weight 25 Kg
Y-base Size (Footprint) 650 – 780 mm
Seat Height from Floor (Y-base) 285 – 750 mm
X-base Size (Footprint) 600 x 615 mm

  • Seat
  • Back with standard pad
  • Push handle
  • Upper back pad
  • Pelvic strap
  • Angle adjustable hip supports
  • One-piece footplate
  • Y-base on 100mm castors

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