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Jenx Junior Seating System


  • Moulded PU for excellent support and easy cleaning
  • Conventional, reclined and Tilt-in-Space settings
  • Pressure-relieving tilt-in-space seating system
  • Hydraulic system reduces the effort involved in making height changes

Junior gives children with a wide range of seating needs the opportunity to get active with others. Its unique design gives excellent pelvic stability, and the optional Ischial Bar helps to prevent a child from sliding down in the seat.

The Junior’s moulded PU can be wiped down using antibacterial wipes or spray. The Junior modular seating system allows for lots of adjustment to accommodate children of different sizes and proportions. It has a fabulous range of washable cover colour options. The Y-base offers a great range of seat height options.

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Pelvic Strap (4 point as standard)

Helps to ensure pelvic postural support and stability and prevent the child slipping either forwards into sacral sitting or sideways when pelvic obliquity will result.

Angle of back column

Adjustment of the back angle leads to a change of hip position for the child. Adjust as needed, for example after the child has eaten for correct postural support.

Adjustment of the upper back pad

The height, depth and angle adjustments of the upper back pad allow you to contour the seating system back support to suit each child’s individual needs. The Junior can therefore be used to really fine tune their position giving them maximum support, minimum support, encouraging them to sit up straighter or offering a profiled back support (in conjunction with the lumbar pad) tailored exactly to their needs.

Adjustment of the Lumber Support Pad

As with the Upper Back pad, the range of adjustment means that you can tailor the support to each individual child and contour or profile the entire back support with very subtle detail to truly support your child.

Lockable castors

The castors all swivel freely and lock fully giving excellent maneuverability and safety.

Height Adjustment Y-base (pedal height lock)

Height adjustment means that adults can adjust the seat height to make their interaction with the child more comfortable. Different heights will allow the child to access different working heights for a variety of activities.


The Tilt-in-Space feature allows you to adjust the position of the child in space whilst retaining their posture exactly as it was.

Seat Depth

The seat depth is adjustable to accommodate a child’s upper leg length.

Seat adaptation to accommodate different leg lengths

Every child, whichever leg is longer, can be fully supported.

Seat pad

The unique seat pad feature of Junior that allows exceptional pelvic positioning along with a wide range of variation in composition and action.

Tray Arms (height, angle)

Height and angle adjustable tray arms.

One piece footplate (height, angle, flip-up)

One piece supportive, adjustable footplate. Height adjustable so that feet are supported at just the right height for each child.

Adjustable, supportive sandals

The attractive, moulded plastic sandals come in different sizes to fit different sizes of child.

Comfortable and washable covers

A range of colours is available.

Easy-clean pads for excellent infection control

All Jenx Junior seating system support pads are made from PU, which is extremely easy to wipe clean.

Junior 1 JUC01 Junior 2 JUC02 Junior 3 JUC03
Age Range (Approx.) 1 – 5 Years 3 – 8 Years 5 – 12 Years
Back Angle (Supine – Prone) 15 Degrees 15 Degrees 15 Degrees
Back Pad Height (Seat to Top) 300 – 420 mm 350 – 470 mm 400 – 520 mm
Chest Width See Components mm See Components mm See Components mm
Depth with Long Leg Conversion – 250 – 315 mm 290 – 420 mm 315 – 485 mm
Hip Width 170 – 330 mm 170 – 330 mm 170 – 330 mm
Lower Leg Length 175 – 280 mm 240 – 380 mm 240 – 420 mm
Seat Depth 210 – 305 mm 240 – 320 mm 275 – 390 mm
Seat Height from Floor (X-base) 365 – 515 mm 365 – 515 mm 365 – 515 mm
Tilt-in-Space Angle (Supine – Prone) 25 Degrees 25 Degrees 25 Degrees
Y-base Size (Footprint) 780 x 650 mm 780 x 650 mm 780 x 650 mm
Seat Height from Floor (Y-base) 305 – 760 mm 340 – 760 mm 340 – 760 mm
  • Lockable Tilt-in-Space lever
  • Flip-away foot pedal
  • Seat with removable abduction roll
  • Memory foam insert
  • 4 point lap strap
  • Seat & back pad reversible covers
  • Spare seat pad cover
  • Angle adjustable soft PU lumbar roll
  • Angle adjustable soft PU hip pads
  • Footplate (required, choose type)
  • PU back pad (required, choose size)
  • Base (required, choose black Y-base or electric Y-base)
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