Jenx Monkey

Standing System


  • Prone or upright standing
  • Standing angle adjustment of between 20 degrees from horizontal to upright
  • Independent hip and chest support adjustment
  • For children 9 months to 4 years

The Jenx Monkey stander is a popular choice because it answers the standing needs of so many young children, whilst looking good and being extremely easy to use.

Monkey offers prone standing – standing supported in front – with a continuous range of standing angle adjustment of between 20 degrees from the horizontal to upright.

The Jenx Monkey’s chest and hip supports can be adjusted independently of each other. So no monkey business, just great function-enhancing performance from a standing frame.

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Adjustable length support surface

The length of the support can be adjusted to support the child up to around two fingers in width below their armpit. By offering full support the Jenx Monkey standing frame ensures the child is completely secure.

Adjustment of the angle of the standing support

The angle of the support surface can be adjusted from around 20 degrees away from the horizontal to upright. Because the adjustment is infinite, Monkey can be set to exactly the right angle for each child.

Fully upholstered support surface

The full upholstery of the Jenx Monkey increases the child’s comfort and tolerance of standing.

Adjustable lower support for hips and legs

The adjustable lower pad can be adjusted independently of the length of the board and the upper pad, so the exact proportions of each child can be catered for.

Adjustable upper pad

This pad supports a child’s chest and helps to create full support.

Highly adjustable hip pads

Helping maintain symmetry of the hips in standing, the Jenx Monkey’s pads are highly adjustable which allows very precise support.

Chest strap with integral safety strap

By pulling on either side, the child receives symmetrical information during the adjustment process and whilst standing.

Hip strap with integral safety strap

This feature of the Jenx Monkey helps to keep his or her hips in mid line – it’s the most important part of the standing support as this is generally the key feature that keeps the child close to the standing support.

The abduction block

This attaches in the centre of the board and helps to keep the knees apart and to support the given standing posture.

Adjustable sandals and bootees

Sandals or bootees are used to support the child’s feet and to direct their position in standing to enhance posture.

Tray angle

The tray can be adjusted for angle. This allows the surface to be set to each child’s most efficient plane.

Adjustable grab bar

This bar is fitted to the Jenx Monkey’s tray and can be used to help to stabilise children who rotate.

Adjustable activity frame

Attached to the tray to allow the child constant access to activities without the toys falling from the tray.

Corner Seat 1
Age Range (Approx.) ¾ – 4 Years
Angle Range 0 – 70 Degrees
Chest Height from Footplate 510 – 750 mm
Chest Width 150 – 235 mm
Hip Pads Width 150 – 235 mm
Tray Depth to Cutout 360 mm
Tray Width 530 mm
User Weight 25 Kg
Base Size (Footprint) 880 x 575 mm

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Instructions for use

Assembly instructions

  • Frame
  • Lower body and chest supports
  • Lower body and thoracic adjustable positioning pads
  • Hip and thoracic straps
  • Angle adjustable tray with bowl and insert
  • Footboard
  • Sandals
  • 75mm castors

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