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Jenx Multistander

Standing System


  • Supine, prone, and upright positioning
  • The Jenx Multistander is easy to use, clean and maintain
  • For children 1 to 6 years old

The Jenx Multistander is a comprehensive standing system offering supine, prone, and upright positioning for children between one and six years old. It is the result of extensive research involving therapists, parents, children and purchasers. The Jenx Multistander provides excellent prone, upright and supine standing support, accommodating the child’s developing needs as they grow and change over the years. Easy to use, clean and maintain, the Jenx Multistander’s clever design makes it enjoyable and practical for children over a wide range of ages and conditions.

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The Jenx Multistander features a choice of headrests to suit the needs of the child.


The tray gives a surface for the child to play and learn on. It is adjustable for height and angle and can be removed.

Support Pads

The Jenx Multistander features support pads which can be adjusted to support or brace the child and help to improve symmetry.

Knee Blocks

With straps designed specially for supine, the Jenx Multistander’s knee blocks can be adjusted through five planes of movement.

Angle Adjustable Chest Pad

Improves extension and is shaped to encourage the child’s arms into mid-line. For use in prone.

Angle adjustment

With the Jenx Multistander, angle adjustability is easy with or without the user in situ. The angle indicator also helps with consistency.

Locking castors

All four castors lock, making the Jenx Multistander extra safe.

Prone Supine
Age Range (Approx.) ¾ – 6 Years ¾ – 6 Years
Angle Range 10 – 90 Degrees 90 – 10 Degrees
Chest Width 510 – 750 mm 510 – 750 mm
Chest Width 150 – 260 mm 150 – 260 mm
Frame Length 710 mm 710 mm
Frame Width 565 mm 565 mm
Height 520 – 860 mm 520 – 860 mm
Height of Stander 600 – 900 mm 600 – 900 mm
Hip Pads Width 150 – 260 mm 150 – 260 mm
Knee Block Width 120 – 200 mm 120 – 200 mm
User Height 1160 mm 1160 mm

Instructions for use

  • Oval Headrest (Item Code: MH02)
  • Support Pads (Item Codes: MB06 / MB07)
  • Knee Blocks (Item Code: MB09 / MB04)
  • Sandals (Item Code: S16)
  • Multigrip Headrest (Item Code: MH01)
  • High Rise Thoracic Pads (Item Code: MB02)
  • Angle Adjustable Footplate (Item Code: MB05)
  • Thin Thoracic Pads (Item Code: MB08)
  • Chest Prompt Pad (Item Code: MB03)
  • Elbow Blocks (Item Code: UBEB)
  • Tray (Item Code: MT01)
  • Removable Covers (Item Codes: MU04 / MU05 / MU06)
  • Sandal Raising Block Kit (Item Code: SRB1)


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