Karma Wheelchairs – Which one is right for me?

Karma Wheelchairs – Which one is right for me?

Choosing the right wheelchair for you or a loved one can be tough! Needs vary, and it seems wheelchair options are endless. Never fear, AC make it easier to choose. We stock a range of Karma wheelchairs. We’ve found our clients can usually find what they need in one of our Karma wheelchairs. But how to choose? The best place to start is by asking yourself questions about what you’ll need.

Can I get around in a wheelchair by myself?

If you have good upper body strength and don’t need your carer or loved one to assist you, perhaps a self-propelled model is for you. Self-propelled wheelchairs feature larger wheels with ‘push rims’ so you can move yourself. Most of our Karma wheelchairs feature a self-propelled or transit (attendant-propelled) model.

Where am I going to use my wheelchair?

You may mostly use your wheelchair indoors, or perhaps you’ll use it outdoors. Karma wheelchairs particularly suited for indoors are the Ergolite range and the Flexx, and chairs that are great outdoors are the Flexx, the S-ERGO range, the Transit and the Eagle.

Do I need one of your lightweight Karma wheelchairs?

Depending on whether or not your chair needs to be transported often, you may want a lighter wheelchair. The lighter the wheelchair, the easier it is for your caregiver to transport. The Ergolite range starts from a weight of 8.7 kgs, and the S-ERGO range’s frame weighs as little as 10 kgs.

Can I transfer myself in and out of my chair?

If you can get yourself in and out of your chair, swing-up or swing-away armrest will make things easier. The Eagle, Transit, S-ERGO 125 and Flexx all feature swing-up or swing-away armrests.

What weight capacity is required?

The weight capacity of Karma chairs varies. For users above 130 kgs, we recommend the Eagle or the Transit. We hope this helps! Please check out a selection of our Karma wheelchairs below, but don’t forget we have even more Karma chairs to choose from on our Web site.

S-ERGO 115 & 125

Self-propelled and Transit models

  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Great if you will be in your chair for prolonged periods
  • The S-ERGO 125 features swing away armrests
  • The S-SERGO 115 is a self-propelled only model


Self-propelled and Transit models

  • Ideal for outdoor use, or can be used indoor
  • Weight capacity up to 130kg user weight
  • Highly adjustable – inc. backrest angle, axle plate height, arm height
  • Features flip up armrests


Self-propelled and Transit models

  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Weighs from 8.7 kgs (transit)
  • For those who don’t use a wheelchair for prolonged periods


Self-propelled and Transit models – Eagle

Karma ‘Transit’ Wheelchair – Transit model only available

  • User weight up to 160 kgs
  • Swing up armrests

We hope this helps! Please check out our Karma wheelchairs range below.


  1. Robert Marshall


    I am seeking a local repair facility for my Karma wheelchair. I live in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Do you know of a place? Thank you.

    • matthewp

      Hi Robert, sounds like you are in the US – sorry, we only service Western Australia.


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