Little Jana and her Rifton Pacer!

Little Jana and her Rifton Pacer!

Little Jana had a tough start to life. However, with the love of her parents—and support from the special needs community—she’s flourishing. The Rifton Pacer has really helped her, so we thought we’d talk to her mum Verena.

Meet little Jana

Verena, you’re the proud mum of Jana, can you tell us a bit about her?

Jana is going to turn 7 in July. She suffers from spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy level 4, epilepsy, and mild global developmental delay. Jana had a very rough birth and was born without any signs of life. She needed to be resuscitated and ventilated for 7 days after birth. Her doctors said that she might end up being a vegetable and never walk, talk, eat, or see.

Different ongoing treatments have [helped her progress] from a level 5 to a level 4 CP. She is a very happy and social child. She loves going to school and adores her teachers.

What does she love doing?

She loves horse riding, making artwork of any kind and reading books.

Why does she need mobility support?

Jana is not strong enough to hold herself upright and walk. She scissors her legs, and that makes it hard for her to walk too.

Jana meets the Rifton Pacer

How did the Rifton Pacer help her?

Jana always had access to a walker and enjoys being mobile, but the walkers she used in the past are not suitable anymore. As her body grows she is scissoring her legs and needs hip support.

For the last few months she was just wheelchair bound. One of her therapists said that a Rifton walker could solve the problem, as they have ankle straps that help with scissoring – and there is a possibility of pelvic support too. On the video you can see her first time in the Rifton and she never walked better. Her face says it all.

Any advice for parents with kids with special needs?

Never give up, as there is always room for improvement – no matter what.

How did you find you experience with AC Mobility?

How AC helped with the Rifton Pacer

AC Mobility gave us a Rifton walker on trial with all the supporting straps needed.

They delivered to the house and adjusted it to Jana’s height and requirements. It was all pretty easy and straight forward, and we would recommend AC Mobility and their staff anytime.

Is there anyone you want to send a special “thank you” to?

We would love to thank Ability Centre and their wonderful therapists, Bio Rehab for kids Inc. for providing financial support to access one of the best therapies for Cerebral Palsy called “Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation”, the Disability Services Commission for their ongoing support, Lady Lawley for respite, RDA Peel and their volunteers, ILC Nedlands, Coogee Primary School for their unconditional support, and everybody including all therapists, teachers, friends and family who have ever supported and helped Jana.

You are all our heroes.

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