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Lumo Solutions Fluorescent Lighting is the ultimate product to light your way in the dark—creating a safer environment for you.

Made with photoluminescent technology, Lumo products charge themselves using the light from the sun, moon, stars, and even other lighting systems.

Self-Charging Fluorescent Lighting

You will never have to charge a Lumo Solutions product.

Lumo products are made with superior photoluminescent technology so they can charge themselves – using ambient light from the sun, stars, even other lights.
Full charge time is 15 to 20 minutes in full sun or fluorescent light, and they will continue to glow for over 14 hours.

Easy To Install

Lumo Solutions Products are easy to install.

  • Drill any holes that will be required
  • Prime the base of the product with a PVC pipe primer
  • Apply adhesive to the back of the product
  • Place the Lumo product where desired
  • Permanently fix the product using screws or fasteners

Fluorescent Lighting That Lasts For Years

Durable and longlasting, expect them to light your way for years to come.

You can expect to Lumo to last for 10 years if used externally, and up to 25 years if used inside.


  • Resistant to impact, salt water & UV, weather, hydrocarbons, acids & alkalines
  • Flexible
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-radioactive
  • Non-conductive and non-static

A Range Of Products

Depending on the area you want to make safer, you can select from Lumo’s range.

Lumo’s product range

  • Safety Button (65mm diameter x 6mm thick)
  • Safety Tag (145mm diameter x 6mm thick)
  • 190 Trackntrim (190mm long x 44mm wide x 6mm thick)

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190 Trackntrim

190mm long x 44mm wide x 6mm thick
This multi-purpose strip is great for:

  • The top of stair treads when located either side of the tread.
  • Clearly defining pathways and tracks.
  • Clearly defining the edges and sides of wharfs and jetties.
  • Wrapping around posts, poles and bollards.
  • Identifying obtrusive components on plant, equipment and trailers.

All components come in two colours – Lumo Green and Tranquillity Blue.

Safety Tag

145mm diameter x 6mm thick
This multi-purpose safety tag with double sided glow is great for:

  • Cable tie to temporary obstructions such as barricades, star pickets overhead hazards
  • Fix to walls using screws and washers above fire extinguishers, first aid cabinets and switch boards.

All components come in two colours – Lumo Green and Tranquillity Blue.

Safety Button

65mm diameter x 6mm thick
This multi-purpose safety button is great for:

  • Installation above or, adjacent to, light switches, door handles, emergency isolation switches and valves.
  • Highlighting paths, tracks, hazards and obstacles.

All components come in two colours – Lumo Green and Tranquillity Blue.

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