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Karma Flexx

Adjustable Self-Propelled Wheelchair


  • Incredibly Adjustable
  • Stylish
  • Portable

The Karma Flex is the ultimate adjustable off-the-shelf wheelchair. The only chair you would be able to customise to your needs more is a custom-made prescription wheelchair! You can adjust the backrest angle, axle plate height, armrest height and seat depth easily.The Flexx comes standard with swing away and removable legrests, and is easy to fold and transport. It’s the ideal choice for people who don’t need a prescription chair, but find regular wheelchairs aren’t adjustable enough.

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$57 weekly hire

Incredibly Adjustable

The Karma Flexx is designed for adjustability with multiple adjustments to suit your individual needs – including backrest angle, backrest height, seat width and depth and centre-of-gravity. Along with the Flexx’s multiple front and rear wheel sizes, this makes it the most adaptable non-prescription wheelchair out there.

Adjustable parts are bright orange to enable easy identification.

Easy Transfers

Transfers are a breeze with the Flexx. The Flexx has flip-back armrests and footrests that swing inward or outward (or can be removed).

Safe and Sound

To ensure the transportation safety of this portable wheelchair, the Karma Flexx was rigorously crash-tested in the U.K. Passing these tests ensures the user is protected when the wheelchair is secured while travelling in a vehicle, such as a van.

Seat Width (cm) 38 / 40.5 / 43 / 45.5. / 48 / 50.5
Seat Depth (cm) 41 / 43.5 / 46
Caster Size (inch) 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
Rear Wheel Size (inch / QR) 14F / 20Q / 22Q / 24Q
Seat Height (cm) 39 – 53
Backrest Height (cm) 38 – 53
Armrest Height (cm) 23 (21 – 29)
Calf Length (cm) 38 – 48
Backrest Angle (X°) (-4) – 16
Seat Angle (X°) 3 – 7
Max. User Weight (kg) 130
Weight Without Accessories (kg) min. 9
Total Weight (kg) min. 13.6 (14F); min. 14.1 (24Q)
Overall Length x Width x Height (cm) min. 102 x 56 x 76, max. 107 x 69 x 106
Overall Collapsed Width (cm) 34