MOTOmed, SCIA and Leah Clarke

MOTOmed, SCIA and Leah Clarke

Leah Clarke

National Operations Manager – Exercise Programs

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia

Leah Clarke works hard for SCIA helping her clients – and she recently trialed a MOTOmed Viva2 rehabilitation exercise trainer with great results. We thought you’d like to meet her.  

Leah, what’s your role at Spinal Cord Injuries Australia?

I am an Exercise Physiologist. My role in the organisation is the National Operations Manager of Exercise Programs—I manage our four Walk On sites around Australia located in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.
What’s great about your job?
One of the best things about my job is seeing clients experience improvements in their physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. Clients get the chance to learn new skills, improve their function, and be more independent. We get to meet a wide range of amazing clients whose positivity, strength, and hard work in the gym is fantastic to see!

MOTOmed viva2Why did you decide to try a MOTOmed? Which model did you try?

We have other cycles and upper ergometers in the gym and we wanted to see how the MOTOmed compared to our current equipment. We tried the upper limb and lower limb device [Viva2].

What benefits has it brought to your clients?

It was really easy to use and each set up was quick! Clients got the most out of their session. It was also useful to be able to alter the resistance to suit each client.  The coordination program worked really well as it was interesting for clients to follow, and  gave good feedback for both client and therapist. The trampoline MAX was fun for clients as it added variety to their program, and gave them goals to work toward.

Who would benefit from a MOTOmed?

A range of clients would benefit from using the MOTOmed. Clients with both incomplete and complete spinal cord injuries would benefit from doing both upper limb and lower limb programs.  We would also be able to use with clients with acquired brain injury, stroke etc. We could definitely incorporate the MOTOmed into most of our clients’ programs. Clients would also benefit from using the Electrical Stimulation add-on unit.

What was your experience with AC Mobility like?

My experience has been fantastic, the in-service Tennille provided was very informative. We hope to get a MOTOmed for the gym to use on a regular basis.

Take a look at our MOTOmed range – the Viva, Viva2, Letto and Gracile!


  1. Sarah Horton

    Hi team,

    I am looking to initially rent a motomed for a trial and then purchase one for my Mum who has MS.

    Could you please advise on the various options?

    kind regards,

    • matthewp

      Hi Sarah, may we ask where you live? We only service Western Australia.


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