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Toilet Chair

  • Great easy-to-clean starter toileting chair
  • Incorporates a removable potty for younger children
  • Adjustable seat height and depth

The Combi toilet chair by Smirthwaite is a great starter chair – designed to be supportive all while giving you the features you need for everyday toileting tasks. The Combi features a removable potty for younger children. Once removed, the Combi becomes a commode seat. It’s highly adjustable too: meet a wide range of needs with the Combi. Adjust seat height and depth to meet your child’s needs.

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Great starter toileting chair

Removable potty

for younger children

Adjustable seat height and depth

Easy to clean

Combi Sizing

Measurement Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
Code for chair with adjustable armrests 7551 7552 7553 7554
Code for chair with fixed armrests 7556 7557 7558 7559
Seat height (mm) 215-290 275-375 300-400 340-450
Seat width (mm) 290 325 365 435
Seat depth (mm) 205-290 245-355 310-385 350-440
Back height (mm) 325 370 400 500
Max user weight (kg) 35 45 55 65
Product weight (kg) 11 13 14 15

Combi Instructions

adjustable footrest

adjustable height push handle

4 Glidsomes

fixed height push handle

footplate & straps

higher backrest in lieu of standard

independent adjustable footrest

mobile dolly base

pelvic cushions

reversible footboard

ski & full footrest

ski & half footrest


splash guard

toggle handrail


wedge cushions

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