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Ormesa App Stander

Multi-sensorial Vertical Stander for Children

  • Music and vibrations provide multi-sensory stimulation
  • Attractive birch wood design
  • 3 sizes

Standers don’t have to be boring! The Electronic Kit on the App Stander transmits audio input throughout the stander.

The App Stander alleviates boredom by using multi-sensory input while standing.

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Ormesa App Stander Product Details

Ormesa Mini Standy DJ features
  • Supportive

    without being restrictive
  • Colourful & designed to feel like a game

    from to the shape and design right down to the colours
  • Easy to adjust and set up

    no tools required – simply adjust with easy to use knobs | easy for your child to get in and out of the App Stander
  • Targeted trunk control

    unlike most other standers, has a removable trunk support for targeted trunk control
    • 3 sizes

      to suit kids up to 150 cm in height

Brochure – Including sizes & specifications

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