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Brookfield Chair

Moderate Postural Support Chair for Children


  • Postural support seating for children 2 years and up
  • Robust natural wood construction that looks great
  • Seat height, seat depth, back height adjustable

The Brookfield is a robust and sturdy chair for children, from two years and up, who require a moderate level of postural support.

The Brookfield Chair’s natural wooden design means it looks great, whether in a nursery, school or at home.

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A great postural support solution

The Brookfield chair is a great postural support solution for kids with special needs. It comes complete with a moulded back, a contoured seat, a four-point pelvic harness, a teenage harness, back extension and height adjustable armrest as standard.

Robust and looks good

The Brookfield is a robust chair for children from two years and up who require moderate levels of postural support. Like the Heathfield, its natural wooden design means that it blends well into nursery, school and home environments.

Supportive and adjustable

The Brookfield has a unique moulded back which promotes central alignment, as well as giving additional support while your child is seated. The Brookfield is also adjustable – seat height and depth, as well as back height can also be adjusted to suit.

Size Seat Height in inches* Width in inches Seat depth in inches Weight limit kgs Back height in inches
1 10.0 – 13.0 12.8 8.7 – 12.6 55 14.4 – 19.3
2 11.0 – 15.0 14.4 10.8 – 15.2 65 16.1 – 20.9
3 13.6 – 17.5 17.1 14.0 – 18.3 75 17.7 – 23.2
4 16.7 – 22.6 17.1 16.7 – 22.4 85 19.9 – 25.4

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