Handimove Patient Lifters, Hoists and Slings

Handimove’s products such as the Body Support System, Freedom Bridge and ceiling track allow the user to remain completely independent when transferring from toilet to bed, for example – no carer assistance required.

This can reduce required carer hours, or even eliminate the need for a carer altogether.

Often, patients must extend their stay in hospital post-surgery because they are waiting for required care services to be available, care services which are already pushed to the limit. Handimove’s unique range of products give independence, which means they can go home without waiting for services to materialise.

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The Handimove Range

SureHands Body Support System

The unique benefit of the Handimove SureHands Body Support system is it allows unrestricted access to parts of the body most slings obstruct; all the way from the waist to the upper thigh. This makes toileting and bathing so much easier. And it can be used with all of Handimove’s products, from the ceiling track to regular mobile hoists!

So, who would benefit from the Body Support system? Many paraplegics live with shoulder issues due to self-propelling. Many patients have pressure sores. Those who need transfers after undergoing rotational flap surgery. Since the Body Support system is designed not to touch those areas, as well as providing no strain on shoulders, it can revolutionise care for these issues.

Freedom Bridge

The Freedom Bridge is a portable track that can be easy installed in a home or facility without the need for building modifications. Using a Handimove ceiling track motor, operated via remote, it’s a fantastic solution for fully independent transfers with the need for home modifications.

It’s perfect for hospital discharge planning or those in palliative care, as it can be quickly set up. If you or your client are a government housing resident and don’t have the option of making home modifcations, the Freedom Bridge is the solution. Not only that, those living in regional areas with limited or no access to carers will find the Freedom Bridge to gives them the independence they need. Because it is portable, hospital wards will be able to relocate the Freedom Bridge to whichever patient needs it.

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Ceiling Track Installations

Handimove ceiling tracks are aesthetically designed complement your house or facility, with low operating noise. The tracks are strong, corrosion-resistant and made of white-coated aluminium.

Featuring safe double attachment at each suspension point, the ceiling track system can be combined with curves, switches and traverse track systems.

Wall Lift

The Handimove Wall Lift is versatile solution for lots of situations. There’s no need to modify your home to install it, and it fits in places a mobile lift won’t.

It’s economical, easy to install, and operates from AC mains power.

Useable in multiple places in the home, with built-in safety feaures and a rotating range 180°, it’s a unique lifting solution.

Mobile Pool Lift

With the assistance of one caregiver, you can move easily from wheelchair to pool.

The Mobile Pool Lift folds up easily, and is compact and convenient to move with four transportation castors.

With strong steel construction designed to be safe in and around water, as well as and emergency stop button which halts all motion of the lifting arm, you can safely and confidently enjoy your pool.

Handimove’s Range of Mobile Lifts

Anyone looking for a more familiar solution to transfers can’t go past the Handimove range of mobile lifts.

Handimove’s range can be used with the Body Support system or regular slings.

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