Molift Nomad Ceiling Hoist


  • Molift Nomad weighs 6.7 kgs, hoists up to 255 kgs
  • Curved design gives user space and comfort
  • Connect and disconnect without tools

The Molift Nomad is flexible, powerful, portable and easy to use. The Nomad’s curved design and suspension means greater head space and comfort for the user.  Its lightweight but strong design mean it can lift up to 255kgs.

WIth lots of safety features and the ability to connect and disconnect without tools, it’s a fantastic addition the Molift range.


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Curved design

Molift Nomad’s curved design and integrated 4-point suspension means more space and comfort for the user. The Nomad can be used with all passive Molift Slings.

Molift Nomad is safe too – it is equipped with safety features such as electronic overload protection, electrical emergency lowering and emergency stop.

Lightweight but a heavy lifter

The Nomad only weighs 6.8 kg (15 lbs) – yet has a hoisting capacity up to 255 kg (562 lbs). Features integrated carry handles for easy handling.

Room-to-room transfer

In conjunction with a special trolley, the Molift Nomad can be used to climb from one rail system to another without a transition rail. This results in easy transfer from room to room.

Connect and disconnect without tools

The Nomad can easily be connected and disconnected by a single caregiver using the extension arm. The Molift Nomad Cart is perfect for storing and transporting the hoist.

Accessible controls

It’s easy to operate Molift Nomad through the handset or the integrated display. Operated by environmentally friendly NiMh batteries, the Nomad is also equipped with audio and visual battery indicators.

Automatic service notification

The automatic service notification system tells you when service is required. The integrated software also reports hoist usage and service history.

Molift Nomad Ceiling Hoist Specifications

Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 52.2 x 20 x 33 cm
Battery NiMh 26.4 V – 2.6 Ah
Battery charge time (hrs) 4
Hoisting speed (75kg) 30
Rated performance 80 hoists at 75 kg and 500 mm
Protection class Handcontrol IPX4
Hoist motor IPX4
Service software Molift Service Tool included
Safe Working Load SWL 160: 160 kg
205: 205 kg
230: 230 kg
255: 255 kg
Material Reinforced composite and aluminum
Washing instructions Can be wiped down

Molift Air Ceiling Hoist User Manual

Molift Products Brochure


Molift Nomad

Extension Arm | The unique extension arm makes it easy to connect and disconnect Molift Nomad from the rail trolley without using any tools.

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