Molift Rail System

  • Integrates into home or care facility
  • Maximum weight of up to 500 kgs
  • Multiple configurations: Single rail, Traverse rail, Room-to-room, Freestanding

The Molift Rail System is a cost-effective solution for homes or professional care. It’s easy to integrate into the design of a room to make it a practical work place for caregivers. It’s available in four configurations: Single rail, Traverse rail, Room-to-room transfer, or as a freestanding hoist unit.

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Rail switch

The Rail switch enables a change of direction of single rails, for example from a straight rail to a curve rail.

Traverse Switch

The Traverse switch lets you connect two different rail systems, for example a traverse rail system and a single rail. Particularly useful for room-to-room transfers.

Wall mounted rails

If it is not possible to mount the rail in the ceiling, wall-mounted rails can be installed.

Integrated rail system

Molift single rails, whethe they are straight or curved, are easy to integrate and adjust to the design of any room.

Molift Rail System Specifications

Rails 3 dimensions: H62, H112 and H142
Switches Rail switch and Traverse switch
Max distance between fixtures 600 cm
Colour White or anodised aluminium
Safe Working Load SWL 160-500 kg
Washing instructions Can be wiped off.

Molift Rail System Configurations

Single rail system

Straight and/or curve rails mean simple, safe and effective patient transfer for the most common lifting situations such as bed-to-wheelchair.

Traverse rail system

The most flexible solution which covers the whole lifting area and can incorporate different rail systems. The Traverse rail system will not be affected by future refurbishment or equipment

Room-to-room transfer

When transfer is needed from one room to another or from one rail system to another, Molift can provide a room-to-room function (climbing), switch systems or continuing rail systems through doorways.

Freestanding hoist units

This freestanding system is ideal for temporary lifting, or when fixed installations are not possible.


Molift Rail Products Brochure