Power Assist Wheelchair Devices – Which One Is Right For You?

Power Assist Wheelchair Devices – Which One Is Right For You?

You either need a power wheelchair or a manual wheelchair, right? That depends. Maybe you need a power assist wheelchair device.


No-one’s needs fit into a convenient category. Disability needs are as diverse as people with disabilities are. So, maybe you are a manual wheelchair user – you can use one just fine, but sometimes moving yourself all day is just too tiring. Or maybe you live in a really hilly neighbourhood, which would even challenge those with a lot of upper body strenght. Perhaps your upper body strength has declined, and now you just need a bit of an extra push.


What about carers? Pushing someone else in a wheelchair can be very tiring too.


Is there some sort of middle ground between a power wheelchair and a manual wheelchair? A power assist wheelchair? There is, and AC Mobility’s range of power assist wheelchair devices can turn your manual chair into a power assist wheelchair.


Let’s take a look at the options.

Power assist wheelchair devices for users

The Smart Drive

Just attach it to the camber bar of your manual wheelchair, and it will get you up hills, carpet and even over grass. It adapts to you – just push to go and brake to stop.

The Smart Drive power assist wheelchair device will go for days between charges, too.

The Servo

The SERVO power assist wheelchair device can be mounted to almost any wheelchair. High-capacity motors attach to the wheels of your wheelchair, and respond to you pushing the wheels by adding power of its own – without noise, thanks to its gearless design. The SERVO – powered wheels are easily removed without tools. Any foldable wheelchair with the SERVO power assist wheelchair device can be folded as normal, and it fits into almost into any car boot. AAT’s new battery technology is the reason why a battery weighing only 4.2 kg can take you up to 55 km.

Power assist wheelchair devices for users and carers


The SOLO is similar to the Servo, except a major difference is that while the SOLO can be operated by the user, it can also be attended-operated, meaning a carer can control the wheelchair.

Power assist wheelchair devices for carers

The Merits Power Pack

Great if you are caring for a wheelchair user, the Merits Power pack wheelchair assist device is power to give your loved one a power boost. It can be easily attached to most manual wheelchairs, including folding frames. Features include its convenient forward & reverse direction switch & speed control; it’s portable & lightweight; and its twin wheel design allows greater traction – even on gravel and grass.


From AAT, the same company that brought you the SOLO and the Servo, comes the attendant-controlled V-MAX.

Fitting on almost any manual chair with a seat width of more than 36cm,  it’s both a pushing and braking aid. Going downhill, the V-MAX power assist wheelchair device brakes automatically for you safety. Because it’s lightweight and compact, you can easily transport the device. Legroom for the attendant remains so you can even drive on divided ramps – up to a gradient of 20%.

We hope this discussion of our range helps! Please check our range below, and don’t hesitate to call us on (08) 9209 1777, or contact using the button below.

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  1. Karen Lewis

    I have quite a few spinal clients that want to keep their independence and use a manual chair but their shoulders are wearing out they are looking at these type of devices they need to be light enough for them to get them in and out of the car themselves also they want to compare pricing, guarantee, servicing responsibilities as they are in Tasmania

    • matthewp

      Sorry Karen, we only service WA! Best wishes

  2. Elaine Story

    How much is the Merits Power Pack and chair

    • Elaine Story

      I would like to know how much the Merits Power Pack chair is. Is the Power Pack seperate?And will the power pack fit on almost any manual chair. Or do you have to buy one of your chairs, and the power pack.

      • matthewp

        Hi Elaine, the Power Pack costs $1045.00 and fits on most manual wheelchairs. You don’t need to buy one of our chairs, just use your own 🙂

  3. Jenny Cutting

    I saw a manual wheelchair that had an attachment that looked like a motorbike in front. The front wheel was not to small that interference with mobility over uneven ground

  4. Nick Giardino

    Hello, how much is the Smart Drive? Thanks!

    • matthewp

      Hi Nick, we only sell within Western Australia, sorry 🙁


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