Wheelchair Attachment

  • Helps you overcome kerbs, sand, gravel and more
  • Turns your chair into a 3-wheeler
  • Fits on fixed or folding frames

The FreeWheel means freedom!

The FreeWheel lifts your wheelchair’s castors off the ground, making your chair a nimble 3-wheeler. Nothing will block your way – whether it’s a kerb, an off-road track, grass, gravel or sand. No need to your energy popping wheelies!

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The FreeWheel lets you go anywhere, no matter the terrain.

Easy Pushing

With a longer wheelbase, pushing yourself or being pushed by others just got easier. Reduce strain on your shoulders, elbows and wrists. No need to pop a wheelie to get over that obstacle!


Castors are great and all, but when they catch on something on the road they can be downright dangerous! The FreeWheel elevates the front castors making it safer on rougher terrain.

Focus on What’s Important

Usually chair users have to focus on the ground in front of them, wary of obstacles. With the FreeWheel, you can relax and focus on what’s important – the world around you.

Stay Active & Healthy

The FreeWheel means you can go where you want. Don’t be held back from achieving your goals and staying fit!


Folding Wheelchair Adaptor

User Manual

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