Merits Power Pack

Wheelchair Assist


  • Easily attach to manual wheelchairs
  • Convenient forward & reverse direction switch & speed control
  • Portable & lightweight
  • Twin wheel design which allows greater traction

The Merits Power pack wheelchair assist device is power to give your loved one a power boost. It can be attached to most manual wheelchairs, including folding frames. The Merits Power Pack’s dual-wheel design means you have better traction – even on gravel and grass. With a battery that will last, Merits Power Pack means you can get out there and conquer the world!

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Motor 280 watt
Battery 12V – 20a/h
Charger 3A off board
Drive Wheel 8” PU tyre x 2 pieces
Weight of battery 6.3kg
Weight of base 7.7kg
Total weight 14kg
Weight Capacity 136kg
Range up to 15km
Fits wheelchair width 16inch – 22inch

Merits Power Pack Wheelchair Assist Flyer

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