Power Assist Wheelchair Device


  • Adds power to a manual wheelchair, user-controlled
  • Battery range up to 55 km
  • NUI – New installing and locking system for the powered wheels
  • Powered wheels without stud axles

Feeling limited in your wheelchair due to your arm strength? Then meet the SERVO by AAT. The SERVO power assist wheelchair device makes it possible for wheelchair users — even with reduced strength — to move independently and go places. Its standard program to drive uphill and downhill—as well as its intelligent braking function— make driving safely possible.

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The SERVO — performance with style

High-capacity motors, discreetly blending into the wheels, support the wheelchair user’s initial movement. The SERVO responds to you pushing the wheels and adds power of its own, thanks to the improved sensor system. All without noise, thanks to its gearless design!

Easily mobile — everywhere

The SERVO – powered wheels are disengaged easily and without tools. Any foldable wheelchair with the SERVO attached can be folded as normal! The SERVO fits into almost into any car boot.

Due to the SERVO’s new wheel mounting system, NUI, the powered wheels are easily stored next to or on top of each other.

ALPHA — a synergy of power and effortlessness

ALPHA – AAT Lithium Power High-range Accumulator – is AAT’s new battery technology. Simply put, it’s the reason why a battery weighing only 4.2 kg can take you up to 55 km.

NUI – innovative technology for mounting and locking

The newly developed mounting and locking system, NUI, does not need stud axles any more, which makes fast and effortless mounting of the powered wheels possible.

The SERVO can be mounted to almost any wheelchair – no need to do without the chair you are used to!

Technical Data
Total weight approved 200 kg (1) (person, wheelchair, SERVO)
Max. weight of the person 150 kg
Possible wheel sizes 24″
Speed – forward | backward supports up to 6 km/h | 3 km/h
Range with one charge of the batteries up to 55 km (2) (over 25 km (2), (4))
Braking-/climbing capacity up to 20% (3)
Batteries 28.8 V / 16 Ah (24 V / 8,5 Ah (4))
Direct current motors 2 x 28.8 V / 70 W
Weight, powered wheels 10.1 kg each
Weight, battery pack 4.2 kg (5.8 kg (4))
Weight, control unit 0.1 kg
Weight, bag for battery pack 0.2 kg
Weight, interface 0.1 kg
Total weight 24.8 kg (26.4 kg (4))
Class of application A, B

(1) Please note the manufacturer’s stipulations for the maximum load.
(2) As per ISO 7176-4, the range depends on the person’s weight, the terrain, temperature, etc.
(3) Up to 20% at a total weight of 160 kg, and up to 14% at a total weight of 200 kg.
The braking – / climbing capacity also depends on the person’s weight, the terrain, temperature, etc.

SERVO Brochure

AAT Product Brochure

The SERVO is a completely equipped power-supported accessory drive for your manual wheelchair that is composed of powered wheels, battery pack, interface, charger and control unit.

Brackets are available as an accessory for almost all wheelchair types. AAT offer a great variety of accessories so that you can adjust your SERVO optimally to your needs and demands.


  • Spoke protection
  • Anti-tilt support
  • Brackets for the wheelchair
  • Voltage convertor
  • Lead silicone battery pack

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