Power Assist Wheelchair Device


  • Adds power to a manual wheelchair
  • User controlled
  • Pushing and braking aid
  • Lightweight

The SOLO Power Assist Wheelchair Device easily transforms your manual wheelchair into a light and versatile electric wheelchair in no time at all.

Enjoy long drives and live actively with your family – SOLO makes you mobile and flexible. This device not only
enriches your everyday life but increases your quality of life.

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Move easily and confidently through your daily life

Two high-capacity motors integrated discreetly into the wheels provide the SOLO’s power. Since the SOLO can be adapted to almost all wheelchairs, just attach it to your own chair.

Easy operation and high versatility make the SOLO an excellent partner for you every day.

Easily and quickly stored

SOLO’s powered wheels are easily disengaged, without tools. The SOLO’s low weight makes loading and unloading nearly effortless.

Due to the new wheel-installing system – without stud axles – it is possible to store the wheels next to or on top of each other.  The SOLO can be folded and stored taking up very little room, so it fits into almost any type of car boot.

ALPHA — a synergy of power and effortlessness

ALPHA – AAT Lithium Power High-range Accumulator – is AAT’s new battery technology. That’s why the SOLO has a range of up to 35 km while the battery pack weighs a mere 4.2 kg.

NUI – innovative technology for mounting and locking

The newly developed mounting and locking system, NUI, does not need stud axles any more, which makes fast and effortless mounting of the powered wheels possible.

Another great advantage is that the drives in the wheelchair wheels can be disengaged, so that they run freely during manual operation. Thus the physical effort for the user is not much higher than it is with original wheelchair wheels.

Technical Data
Total weight approved 210 kg(1) (person, wheelchair, SOLO)
Max. weight of the person 160 kg
Possible wheel sizes 24“
Speed – forward | backward supports up to 6 km/h | 3 km/h
Range with one charge of the batteries up to 35 km (2) (up to 12 km (2), (4))
Braking-/climbing capacity up to 20% (3)
Batteries 28,8 V / 16 Ah (24 V / 8.5 Ah (4))
Direct current motors 2 x 28.8 V / 150 W
Weight, powered wheels 9.0 kg each
Weight, battery pack 4.2 kg (5.8 kg (4))
Weight, control unit 0.4 kg
Weight, bag for battery pack 0.2 kg
Weight, interface 0.1 kg
Total weight 22.9 kg (26.4 kg (4))
Class of application A, B

(1) Please note the manufacturer’s stipulations for the maximum load. (2) As per ISO 7176-4, the range depends on the person’s weight, the terrain, temperature, etc. (3) Up to 20% at a total weight of 160 kg, and up to 14% at a total weight of 200 kg. The braking – / climbing capacity also depends on the person’s weight, the terrain, temperature, etc.

SOLO Wheelchair Power Assist Flyer

AAT Wheelchair Power Assist Range

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