Power Assist Wheelchair Device


  • Adds power to a manual wheelchair
  • Attendant controlled pushing and braking aid
  • Fits on almost any manual chair with a seat width of more than 36cm

Need extra power on difficult terrain, ramps or tracks? The V-MAX by AAT is for you. It’s both a pushing and braking aid. Going downhill, the V-MAX power assist wheelchair device brakes automatically for your safety. Lightweight and compact, you can easily transport the device. Legroom for the attendant remains – you can even drive on divided ramps up to a gradient of 20%.

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Intelligent Technology

An almost limitless mobility is at your disposal due to the V-MAX Power Assist Wheelchair unit. The powerful battery pack allows for a range of up to 15 km. The maximum forward speed is 6 km/h, in reverse 3 km/h.
It weighs only 8.2 kg and the battery pack 10.2 kg.

The wheelchair is driven directly at the rear wheels, giving efficient transmission of power.

You can effortlessly overcome slopes up to 20%. The maximum total weight  (person, wheelchair plus device) is 200 kg.

Ergonomic design

V-MAX Power Assist Wheelchair unit’s ergonomically formed grips user-friendly and connected to the grips of the
manual wheelchair.

The transportation of the v-max is simple and comfortable. It is easily removed and fits along with your
wheelchair into almost any car boot.

Technical data v-max v-max+
total weight approved 200 kg(1) (Person, wheelchair, v-max) 300 kg(1) (Person, wheelchair, v-max+)
attachment possible from a seat width of 36 cm and more seat width of 60 cm and more
speed continually adjustable continually adjustable
forward | backward 6 km/h | 3 km/h 5,5 km/h | 3 km/h
range up to 15 km(2) up to 11,5 km(2)
maximum possible incline up to 20%(2) up to 12%(2)
height | width | depth 240 | 475 | 185 mm 275 | 630 | 185 mm
batteries 2 x 12 V / 16 Ah 2 x 12 V / 22 Ah
dc-motor 24 V 24 V
weight of the battery pack 10.2 kg 14.3 kg
weight of the power unit 8.2 kg (without battery pack) 13.5 kg (without battery pack)

(1) Please stay within the maximum load stipulated by the wheelchair manufacturer.
(2) Range and climbing capacity depend on the weight of the person to be transported, the

V-MAX Wheelchair Power Assist Flyer

AAT Wheelchair Power Assist Range

V-max power assist wheelchair accessories

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