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Atigra 2

Mid-wheel Drive Power Wheelchair


  • Maneuverable mid-wheel drive
  • Efficient 300W motor
  • Features the KISS modular seating system
  • Modular design makes customisation easier
  • Crash tested – complies with ISO 7176-19

The mid-wheel drive Atigra 2 power wheelchair is perfect for indoors. You’re able to maneuver and navigate easily around tables, chairs and other indoor obstacles. Be at eye-level across a table with friends and colleagues. Atigra 2’s independent suspension means you don’t have to worry about uneven surfaces anymore. Its modular design and range of eye-catching colours means you can have the perfect chair for you.

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Indoor maneuverability

Atigra 2’s mid-wheel drive configuration gives you the exceptional maneuverability you need indoors. Whether it’s at home or out and about, the ability to turn virtually on the spot means you’ll be able to get in and out of almost anywhere.

Amazing stability

Don’t worry about uneven surfaces anymore. Atigra 2’s independent suspension system means all six wheels are in contact with the ground at all times, giving you amazing stability.

Don’t compromise on power

With the Atigra 2, you don’t have to compromise on power. The efficient 300W 2-pole motor has more than enough torque to power you through your day.

Custom seating out of the box

KISS seating may be the only seating system you’ll ever need. No need to get a custom seating system put on the Traxx or Atigra—KISS is so adjustable it covers almost every situation and every need. Of course, if you need a different seating system, the Traxx 3 and Atigra 2 power wheelchair bases are compatible with other seating systems.

Get down low and go

Atigra 2 power wheelchair has a minimum floor to seat height of as low as 430mm*. This puts you at eye level with seated friends and colleagues, makes it easy to get under tables, and makes transfers that much easier.
*to the top of the seat pan with 5 degrees anterior tilt

Designed to be customised

We specifically made the Traxx and Atigra modular so it’s easy to swap out panels and components. Customisation and repair has never been easier and cheaper—and it comes in a range of colours.

Atigra 2 Power Wheelchair Specifications

Seat Raise 48cm-78cm
Seat Depth 31cm-41cm (paediatric), 41cm-51cm (adult)
Seat Width 30cm-41cm (paediatric), 41cm-51cm (adult)
Seat Height 46cm*-54cm
Overall Length 116cm
Overall Width 62cm
Overall Height 103cm
Legrest Length 39cm~51cm
Tilt Manual: -5○ – 55○ / Power: 0○ – 45○
Backrest Recline Manual: 0○ – 55○ / Power: 0○ – 45○
Suspension 6 wheel suspension
Motor 300W
Battery 50Ah
Wheels (Front/Rear) 20cm/36cm/15cm
Controller VR2 or RNET
Turning Radius 62cm
Maximum Safe Slope 8○
Maximum Obstacle Height 6cm
Km/hr 10km
Range 30km-45km**
Maximum User Weight 140kg
Weight With Batteries 130kg
Weight Without Batteries 99kg

*measured to the top of the seat pan
**based on 80kg loading
+/- 1cm +/-0.5kg

Atigra 2 Power Wheelchair Brochure

Atigra 2 Power Wheelchair Accessories

*Note: appearance of accessories may differ from those shown.

Atigra 2 power wheelchair with-lighting-(1)

LED Lighting System

Atigra 2 power wheelchair flip-down-wheelchair-headrest

Flip-back headrest

Atigra 2 power wheelchair Stump-support

Stump Support

Atigra 2 power wheelchair swing-away-controller-bracket

Swing-Away Controller Bracket

Atigra 2 power wheelchair vertical-legrest

Vertical Legrest

Atigra 2 Power Wheelchair Colours

traxx 3 atigra 2 colours

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