Atigra LS

Mid-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair


  • Mid-wheel drive with Linked Suspension
  • Versus Versatile Seating System – European-designed
  • Longitudinal & lateral seat stability
  • Obstacle climb of up to 65mm

With the Atigra LS, we’ve made the Atigra even better! The Atigra LS is the latest in AC’s tradition of midwheel drive power chairs designed for Australian users. With a revamped Linked Suspension system and the all-new, European designed Versus Versatile Seating System, the Atigra LS takes manoeuvrability and comfort to the next level.

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Atigra LS has indoor manoeuvrability

Atigra LS’s, like all of our Atigra models, has a mid-wheel drive configuration that gives you the manoeuvrability you need indoors. Whether it’s at home or out and about, the ability to turn virtually on the spot means you’ll be able to get in and out of almost anywhere.

Uneven ground is no problem

Atigra LS’s 6-wheel independent linked-suspension system means all six wheels are in contact with the ground at all times. Cross uneven ground with amazing stability. The Atigra LS’s longitudinal seat stability keeps you safe when the chair is
climbing, descending or stopping quickly. Lateral stability means no need to worry when turning or traversing slopes.

Increased obstacle climbing

The Atigra LS now has an obstacle climbing ability of up to an incredible 65mm. Face the outdoors with confidence!

European-designed Versus Seating System

The Versus Versatile Seating System brings the seating expertise of our friends at Karma Europe.

  • It has a high level of adjustability (Width: 34cm – 69cm; Height: 15cm – 60cm)
  • Quick fitting of seat cushions and backrests
  • Seat rails allow for easy positioning of accessories
  • 4 power seat functions
    • 50° weight shifting seat tilt
    • 45° backrest recline
    • 60° elevating legrests
    • 30cms seat raise

Designed to be customised

We specifically made the Atigra LS modular so it’s easy to swap out panels and components. Customisation and repair has never been easier and cheaper—and it comes in a range of colours.


Atigra LS Power Wheelchair Specifications

Power Seat Raise 30cms
Seat Depth 15 to 60cms
Seat Width 34 to 69cms
Seat Height 46cm
Overall Length 116cm
Overall Width 62cm
Overall Height 103cm
Legrest Length 32cm~51cm
Power Seat Tilt 55○
Power Back Recline 83° to 128°
Suspension 6 wheel linked suspension
Motor 300W
Battery 50Ah
Wheels (Front/Rear) 20cm/36cm/15cm
Controller VR2 or RNET
Turning Radius 62cm
Maximum Safe Slope 8○
Maximum Obstacle Height 65mm (static obstacle climb)
Km/hr 10km
Range 30km-40km
Maximum User Weight 140kg
Weight With Batteries 130kg
Weight Without Batteries 99kg

+/- 1cm +/-0.5kg



Atigra LS Power Wheelchair Brochure

Versus Versatile Seating System Fact Sheet

Atigra LS Power Wheelchair Accessories

  • Swing back controller brackets that allow height adjustment to make control easier for the user
  • Trays, including tray systems that provide for central controller mounting
  • Chest belt
  • Standard auto style and auto-retractable seat belts
  • Hip supports
  • Telescopic armrest supports
  • Transfer handles
  • USB charger for tablets

Atigra LS Power Wheelchair Colours

traxx 3 atigra 2 colours

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