Front Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair


  • 400mm seat elevation and 50° Tilt for pressure relief
  • Power backrest and legrest
  • Front wheel drive with 4-wheel suspension system

Developed by our partners Karma Europe, the EVO LECTUS is a powerful, adjustable and comfortable ride that makes no compromises on quality. The EVO chassis is equipped with a fully adjustable 4-wheel suspension system and guarantees powerful and smooth driving performance –  indoor, outdoor or on rough terrain.

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400mm Seat Elevation

The EVO LECTUS’s 400mm seat elevation means it’s easier to interact with others and reach the places you need to.

50° Tilt

The EVO LECTUS’s dynamic movement means you can control pressure relief.

Power Backrest and Legrest

The EVO LECTUS’s ability for a full recline position (180°) means you can relax. Transfers are so much easier.


4-wheel independent suspension means security and comfort while driving outdoors

The unique Versus seating system can be completely set up to the individual needs of the user.
The centre-of-gravity tilt means pressure relief and comfort. The power backrest recline and leg rest adjustment mean you’re always seated in the best possible position. Along with power elevation of an amazing 400 mm, the EVO LECTUS is the next evolution.

Tilt Of 50°

The EVO LECTUS chassis allows dynamic movement, allowing pressure relief, as well as helping to prevent decubit ulcers

400 mm Seat Elevation

The EVO LECTUS’s incredible 400 mm seat elevation  improves everyday interactions and gives greater freedom to interact with the enviroment.

Power Backrest and Power Legrest

These two power functions are independent. When combined a full recline position (180°) helps the user to relax and enjoy the horizontal position; avoiding transfers that are not necessary.

4-Wheel Independent Suspension

The front wheel drive EVO chassis is equipped with independent and fully adjustable 4  wheel suspension. This provides great security and comfort while driving outdoor.



Speed 6 km/h
Width 62 cm
Length 98.5 cm
Seat width 42 / 62 cm
Seat depth 42.5 / 60 cm
Seat height (floor to seat pan) 43 cm
Motors 2x 300 W
Batteries 2x 70 Ah
Driving range 25 – 45 km/h *
Max. user weight 140 kg
Wheelchair weight 155 kg
Electronics R-Net 120 Amp.


Speed: 8 or 10 km/h
Batteries: 50 or 85 AH
Charger: 8, 12 or 15 AMP
Power tilt: 50°
Seat elevator: 40 cm
Power bio – mechanical backrest: 180°
Power bio-mechanical legrest: 180°
Swing away table
Black tires
AD Cushion
Headrest 3D adjustable
Drive controls / interfaces



VERSUS Versatile Seating System


evo lectus


evo lectus

Extend your independence with a set of maintenance free batteries up to 85 AH.

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